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Why The MTN Staff Who Says "You Have One Minute Remaining" Deserves To Be Loved

Why The MTN Staff Who Says "You Have One Minute Remaining" Deserves To Be Loved

MTN users in Nigeria have been anxious and inquisitive to know the woman behind the most annoying voice during call which notifies callers of exhausting their credits. Everyone just know she's a female working in MTN office but many people don't know her in person.

See her stunning look in pictures below:

The nice lady who is believed to be a white woman isn't so but an African from South Africa. Her name is Kgomotso Christopher who graduated from Columbia University in New York, United States of America (USA).

Kgomotso has a working experience of six to seven years with MTN the popular mobile telecommunications company. She is smart with nice voice which makes every MTN users like her.

Although, no matter how beautiful or nice you are, there will still be some people who won't admire you. The same matter applies to the lady. Many MTN users don't like to hear her voice while calling because it's very annoying to them.

However, Kgomotso is only doing her job as a competent professional. She's deserves to be loved by all as she always alerts when one's account balance is getting low and never fail to do so. She is also beautiful, charming and comely as seen in her lustrous photos above. So why the hatred?

In addition, there are some users who like to have little amount on their account balance to flash people due to their financial problems. So, if the lady doesn't notify, how will they know they will use up their call credit?

Henceforth, I think with this opinion of mine most MTN users who abuse this staff will start liking her. I also pray we should never lack money to buy recharge cards to avoid hearing the lady's voice.

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