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4 Businesses You Can Start With N200,000 in Nigeria

In Nigeria, the number of aspiring business owners is ever-growing. However, this group is populated with individuals who have little or no idea on the business venture to take up and the amount needed to start the business.

Are you a business-minded individual? Have you ever thought of starting a business in Nigeria? Do you want to make more money with your entrepreneurial skills? If yes, you’re in the right place. As an aspiring business owner, you should consider your cash at hand before deciding what product or service you have to offer.

N200,000 is a great start for an aspiring business owner. With as much as N200,000 naira you can establish a sustainable business that will fetch you profits. The following are 4 profitable businesses you can start with N200,000 in Nigeria.

1. Corporate and Home Cleaning Services

N200,000 will go a long way in establishing a cleaning business. Now, the best thing about opening a cleaning business is that you can offer services to homes and corporate establishments like offices and banks. Two hundred thousand is enough to get modern cleaning equipment for different kinds of floor finishes like tiles, carpets, and rugs. We know how busy most homeowners are, especially during the week. There is also a standby need for effective and timely cleaning services in most corporate establishments. This starting amount will help you purchase cleaning equipment and for advertisements and branding. Your first paycheck from clients and the little funds left will help settle your first set of employees.

2. Car Wash Center

Opening a car wash center is another great business venture you can settle for. It has proven to be lucrative for established owners in the field. However, it is important that you consider a fantastic spot or location for your car wash center. In this business, location matters. You have to select a place where car owners can clearly see. You also have to pick your car wash center in a location with enough space for a minimum of two cars. It is advised that our Center should be on the roadside. N200,000 will help you get contemporary and effective car wash equipment. You also need a source of water and a minimum of three employees to get your business running.

3. Fashion Designing and Tailoring

If you're a fashion enthusiast or into tailoring, you can establish a small scale fashion designing business with as little as N200,000. If you have not perfected your sewing or designing skills, you can take out as little as N10,000 to brush up. The next thing to do is to purchase a sewing machine and other useful materials. You can start working from home!

4. Livestock Farming and Sale

Livestock farming is lucrative in Nigeria. During festive seasons you will surely reap the reward. You can start with rams, goats, and cows. If you have as little as N200,000, it's best to get the male and female of the livestock of your choice. 

There you have it! N200,000 can do so much. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

Content created and supplied by: Olamideyelo (via Opera News )

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