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Is this the end of Gokada?

Questions have filtered through my mind after hearing the news about the death of the founder of GOKADA an on-demand transportation company or motorbike hailing service headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria. Fahim Saleh a 33 year old Bangladeshi-American was reported to have been dismembered and splitted in his New York apartment by an electric saw;investigations are still on concerning his nature of death. Questions that will certainly flow through the minds of Lagos citizens that depend on it to scale through Lagos terrible traffic and riders who earn a living through the transportation company are incomprehensible but we might ask ourselves(Lagos citizens and GOKADA riders) questions such as:

- Does that mean back to square one (public transport and terrible traffic)?

-Does that mean I find another means of survival?Lagos citizens will attest to the fact that this means of transportation has proven itself remarkable in its effectiveness during this pandemic with its delivery services and its practical possibilities of avoiding wasting half of the day in Lagos traffic.Fahim Saleh's death might not necessarily mean the end of it all, GOKADA might still continue to offer its services but probably with a different notch and efficiency this time around such as an outrageous increase in its fares,managerial inefficiency and poor delivery of services which might make Lagos citizens opt for other companies that offer such similar transportation services and that is why I asked if GOKADA will follow its founder in a likewise manner.This can also be a clarion call on Nigeria youths and entrepreneurs to wake up and come up with creative renditions,business practicalities and innovative ideas to channel in the right sector of the economy that will help to ease the hustle and bustle lifestyle of Nigeria citizens,contribute to the economy and prevent foreign investors from seeing Nigeria has a safe ground to utilize their business ideas and imaginative rendition due to the dilapidated condition of our economy.

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