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Guide On How To Start London Used Cloth (Okirika) Business With At Least 5,000 Naira.

Nigeria is one place in the world with so many businesses. Almost anything you are looking for can be found in Nigeria. So many graduates who were not so fortunate to get white collar jobs have settled down to be entrepreneurs and most of them are doing so well.

You don't need to be told that self employment is one of the best achievement anyone can have. Although, so many people will love to be entrepreneurs or be self employed but they don't have the resources to start these businesses.

After a lot of research and surveys, I have come up with a very lucrative business that anyone can start in Nigeria. With at least 5,000 naira, you can start this business and make maximum profits.

The London used cloth business is a very lucrative business that anyone can start and with a very low capital. Also known as okirika business, starting this business in a very busy city like Lagos, Port Harcourt or Abuja will be a very good idea.

London used cloths (okirika) are cloths that have been used abroad or outside the country and are then imported into Nigeria for sale.

Most times, you can't really differentiate between brand new wears and okirika and this is because many boutiques stock their shops with these wears and sell them at a high price. To you, they might be new clothing's but most of them are usually London used wears.

Most people who start business don't usually begin with a shop. If you live in the busy areas of Lagos especially, you will know why you don't need a shop to start this business. Sellers of these wears are majorly found by the road sides, under bridges or at bus-stops. They position their stand where they can a good amount of traffic to buy their goods. All they do is shade the wears on a big table and use an umbrella over them.

Okirika business is most likely to sell well in the evenings when workers will going back to their various destinations, say between 4:00 pm - 8:00 pm. Therefore, you can still continue with your job if you had any or have more time to yourself if the business is the only thing you do.

Set of Okirika cloths cost at least 5,000 naira which might contain 150 pieces of cloths or even more. These traders later sell each of the cloths between N500 - N1,500.

Let's do a simple calculation.

Imagine you bought 150 pieces of cloths for 5,000 naira and you sell each for 1,000 naira.

That's 150 x 1,000 = 150k.

Let's say the cost of transportation and others will cost about 20k.

150k - 20k = 130k.

Therefore, you'll be having about 130k all to yourself from just 5k.

Isn't that lucrative?

Are you into this business or you are planning to? Kindly share your thoughts in the comment section and share this article with your friends and family.

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