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BUA LASUCO local content policy and the reality

BUA LASUCO local content policy and the reality 

July 20, 2020

BUA LASUCO got to Lafiagi in 2016 to start a multi million dollar sugar refinery and ethanol plant. This investment in Lafiagi Emirate with its attendant multiplier effects resulted in the takeover of farmlands from the indigenes who hitherto are predominantly farmers whose livelihood largely depends on agriculture. 

For the record, Lafiagi Emirate is an agrarian society that thrives on its rich fertile lands and for many decades have supplied many parts of the country with agricultural outputs ranging from rice paddy, sorghum, millet, maize and many more food items.

The company, having acquired a large expanse of land for its sugar plantations and refinery deemed it fit to provide accommodation for its staff by building a state of the art estate where workers will live. 

Now to the real deal….

Did you know that the estate was built by artisans from outside the Emirate?

Did you also know that it is part of the Nigerian Content Development Management Board policy thrust that companies in the like of BUA LASUCO are mandated to patronise local artisans, businesses and industries with a view to boosting economic fortunes of the host community?

Would anyone in his right senses believe the fact that no indigene from Lafiagi has been allocated accommodation in the said estate despite a few number of them being qualified? Your guess is as good as ours as to why they have been denied allocation at the estate. Yes! Because they are indigenes. 

Fellow comrades in the struggle, our problems didn't start today as some of the so-called stakeholders are complicit in this mess. The Community Relations Officer who was appointed to interface with the company and at all times was expected to protect the interest of the host community sold our rights for pecuniary gains. 

Apart from the fact that he lacked the requisite knowledge and expertise to interface with the company on behalf of the community, he apparently could not come to terms with the reality of the younger generation having access to benefits he never came close to all his life. A killjoy and an unpatriotic fellow whose aim is to enrich self and cronies at the detriment of the mass.

But we are in the fight to reclaim our rights together. We urge all sons and daughters of Lafiagi Emirate and well meaning individuals to join this fight to ensure the right things are done.

We have bricklayers, carpenters, iron benders and other related artisans who were only good to do menial jobs as labourers. 

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