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3 funny things I would do if the world is about to end

Please reader's this post is meant for fun. For more than a decade now we have been hearing of rapture taking place and it will still happen in the nearest future, so everyone please repent.

As I said in the beginning his post is for fun. My name is young writes here to tell you the last three things I will do if the world is to end in a week time.

1. withdrawing all my bank savings:

As the world is about to end I will jejely, use style to withdraw all my money and my bank balance will be 0.00 kobo and I will branch to coldstone creamery as I have never been there in my life and I will lick ice cream like mad and then straight to any fast food to spend more on babes.

2. I will loose my virginity:

Abeg readers remember this is for fun. So since me and my babe are still virgin I will jejely drink viagra, because I heard it is sweet in the middle, so I have to taste it before death. So as I was saying its gonna be hot for both of us that night because am gonna be wild.

3. Miscellaneous:

This means other minor thing's I will do like beating up all my class mates and senior who bully me, take a loan of a million Naira, then I will then turn back to my father and said oh my ever loving heavenly father please forgive me.

Ad yours what will you do if the world is coming to an end in three days, please this is strictly for fun.

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