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Preaching At Motor Park Or In A Bus To Collect Money From Passengers, Is it Evangelism Or Hustling

Let's Start From Definition Of Preaching: Preaching has many different meaning but I will like to go with this, it is the delivery of a sermon or religious address to an assembled group of people.

As a Christian it is one of your obligation to be spreading the gospel of the Lord to people, to help win souls for the Lord Jesus Christ. We have seen people preach in the morning around 5am normally called Morning Cry, we see people preach in School, Church, Market every corner of the place around the world but let discuss about this preaching in the motor park or in the bus to Collect money from Passengers In the name of paying offering.

Let me give a brief incident on what happened at a bus I boarded on few weeks ago.

I wanted to travel to Abuja from Enugu State, I went to Peace Park where I will get a vehicle that I will board to Abuja, due to the Covid 19 Issues, it was obligated for Vehicles of 4 sitter's to be carrying just 2 persons to maintain the 5m social distance, and because of that there was hike in transportation fare normally I do board from Enugu to Abuja #3000, but due to Covid 19 issues and changing of sitting adjustment to 2 the price was increased to #4,500.

We are to be Seven passengers with the driver making us 8 in the bus, I came and I was the fifth person we are waiting for 2 other persons to complete us 7, so that we will start off our journey.

Then a guy he should be in his mid 30's, came to me and asked me how much is the price from Enugu to Abuja I said #4,500, he screamed and left after like 10 mins, he came back to me and asked me if I could give him some money to complete his that his having just #3,500, I told him I don't have he asked some few people there which I also guess told him they don't have.

Few minutes later I saw him bring out his Bible and start preaching, to be honest his a nice peacher the Topic of his Preaching is "SACRIFICE" he was telling us advantages of paying sacrifice as a Christian, and also telling us people in the Bible who sacrificed during the course of the Preaching, one other person came to the bus making us 6 person we just needed one person to complete us so that we start our journey.

The young guy was still Preaching and we all are enjoying it, then he said if you know you ready to pay a sacrifice to God you should come outside and a sow seed to him, and he will pray for you and surely God will answer your prayers. He continued preaching few persons came out and paid a sacrifice (money), and he prayed for them

Later on he said offering time, many people this time came out I also came out and give offering, after the offering he prayed and closed his Preaching and left.

He came back to the bus showing us his ticket that he has paid for movement, and the driver came and we made our movement to Abuja.

This means, the Young guy actually used preaching to collect money from people to complete his transport fare to travel to Abuja is it good?

For me Preaching in motor park is good if you don't ask for money or offering from the members of the public, that's true evangelism but if after preaching you ask for money, this Hustling except in a case of after preaching someone gives you money from his/her mind, is still evangelism but Preaching and asking for offering or sacrifice or tithe in Motor Park or inside bus is hustling in my own opinion.

What are your opinions, do you think Preaching at Motor Park or inside the Bus to collect money from Passengers is Evangelism or Hustling???

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