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Why Money Does Not Buy Happiness - Debate


To marry for wealth or love; to work for riches or passion – the debate has gone on for centuries. Is it true that “Money doesn’t buy happiness?

An Instagram post said that happiness is something that money can’t buy. 

As you get older, you will realize that a $300 watch and a $30 watch both tell the same time. 

A Michael Kors wallet and a Forever 21 wallet hold the same amount of money. A Bentley will also drive you as far as a Ford.

These statements are summed up with this philosophy.

“True happiness is not found in materialistic things. It comes from the love and laughter found within two people.”

Can this be true?

I’m shocked that people would buy into a thinly veiled excuse to settle for less. Money doesn’t buy happiness? So poverty does?

So often I hear people not being able to afford the health care they need to treat a medical condition, or families settling for staycations because their dream vacation was too expensive. They justify to themselves that they can “make do” and they don’t need money to be happy.

What they don’t realize is that they are missing a crucial point about the “Money doesn’t buy happiness” debate

The Problem With These Money Beliefs.

People rely on social media for information, so it’s easy to buy into the lies that have been spreading around on the Internet. Ideas such as, “A million-dollar home will contain the same loneliness as a $100,000 home.”

This is how broke people rationalize their failures. It’s how they justify settling for less when they could have had more. It’s interesting, how people look at money and wealth.

They think if people are rich, they must be miserable. They can’t be happy. 

Wealth and anything good can’t exist together. That’s why people would rather be healthy than rich, or happy than rich. This type of thinking is like asking yourself which is more important, your right hand or your right foot?

Both are important. Your right hand and your right foot. Why can’t you be both wealthy and happy? Wealthy and healthy? Wealthy and loving?

Why do people feel like they must choose between wealth and something else?

We need to take a deeper look at our beliefs to see where they come from. 

It was because, at a young age, you were programmed by your parents, the media, the government, and the school system to think a certain way about rich people. 

You were brainwashed at a young age to believe in these made-up stories. They are not the truth.

I’ve met so many people who are successful financially and people who are struggling financially. 

The people you know who are struggling financially, who are stuck in a dead in a job, are they happy? 

So why does the media want us to believe that rich people are not happy?

Here’s why. If rich people are wealthy and they are happy, where would that leave you? If you’re living paycheck to paycheck, wishing you had a different job, wishing you could provide a better life for your family, wishing you had more money?

The problem is, you can’t go to the bank and deposit your rationalization or your excuses.

Does Money Buy Happiness?.

A $20 watch and a $20,000 watch indeed tell the same time. But we need to take a closer look at where these money beliefs are coming from.

Are they coming from people who are happy and wealthy? Or are they coming from people who are barely able to pay their bills?

So don’t buy into those lies and wonder why people are struggling. Money doesn’t buy happiness. It’s not supposed to buy happiness. But neither does poverty.

What beliefs do you have about money? Comment below.

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