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See Top 5 richest states in Nigeria.

Nigeria is a country in Africa that lies between the Geographical coordinates of 10,00N 800E, the country is known as the

Giant of Africa because of it's wild population in it, and the country is also blessed with so many mineral resources, which brings in more money to the country.

Nigeria also shares a brother within the golf of guinea on the south kilometers of space, Nigeria is also known as the most blessed country have so many resources and a very good fertilized ground for growing crops, and for cultivation and they are also known for petroleum production, the country also produces their own food which they eat.

Here are the top 5 richest states in Nigeria.

1:Lagos state : ($ 33.68 billion)

Lagos state is the most populated state in Nigeria and its also non as the country most busiest place, and it's also known for its beauty and the developed places.

2: Rivers state : ( $ 21.17 billion)

Rivers state which is also known as the treasure base of the nation, it is also known as the most blessed state in the country.

3:Delta state ($ 16.75 billion)

Delta which know as the big heart of the country is blessed with resources of life.

4: Oyo state ($ 16.12 billion)

Oyo which is known as the pace setter state is one of the blessed state in petroleum and oil production in Nigeria.

5: Imo state ($ 14.21 billion)

Imo state which Is the also known as the land of hope is also among one of the blessed states in Nigeria and also known for having beautiful brides.

This are the list of the top 5 richest please do like and comment on this.

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