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10 Low Cost Businesses You Can Start In Nigeria That Will Be Giving You Constant Money Monthly

In Nigeria there are so many lucrative ideas for small businesses. Most Nigerians tend to think that every business needs a lot of capital to get started and this is where they go wrong. To be a successful entrepreneur, you have to do identify gaps in your area, find solutions and make money. All you need is patience, give your business time to grow and you will soon start making big profits.

Low cost ideas and opportunities or small businesses in Nigeria.

Follow this article to find low-cost business ideas in Nigeria to help you make a living and meet your basic and secondary needs smoothly. This will give you the small business ideas available to get you started in Nigeria.

1. Selling of wears:

Carrying is a basic necessity for everyone. It is one of the small companies that has the ability to grow in a few months. You can manage clothes, suitcases, shoes, underwear or fashionable or trendy perfume. Due to the more difficult market, you can specify all the clothes for women, children and men. If you are determined, you will find yourself imports clothes from other countries like Dubai, India and France.

2. Child care center:

Parents run here and there looking for money to support their families. Why not decide to just work from home and take care of your children? This is the business opportunity to alleviate it. Take care of the children with love and kindness, and the business will grow to a point where you can rent a bigger place and even hire young girls and boys to help you care for them at a lower price.

3. Farm:

This business applies to Nigerians who own a small plot of land. There are many ways to use your small fields, such as starting a crop, livestock or plant farming. If you have a mindset that only the city of Nigeria should invest in crop production, it’s a bad idea, anyone can invest in it and thrive. You can grow cassava, orange, oil palm, banana or cocoa.

4. Manufacturing:

A small-scale manufacturing company can be employed in a rental store, a private place, or an apartment. If anything like that a large industrial or manufacturing plant with huge expensive machines. You can make a small-scale production of matches, cardboard, napkin, candles, chopsticks, paper bags or nylons, and still make money.

5. Waste management:

Nigerians may consider this a joke, but trust me, it is one of the largest small scale companies in Nigeria. You can get involved in waste disposal, waste recycling, garbage disposal and organic fertilizer production and still make a big profit.

6. Computer services:

Advanced technology is a good opportunity to venture out by offering internet services to people. Open a store in Nigeria where you can offer services such as application development, online exam registration, digital services and mass SMS services.

7. Exports of agricultural products:

With the large number of crops growing in Nigeria, there is a sought-after raw material needed by other countries. You can find a business opportunity where you register for the export and import of the Nigeria Promotion Council. Specify a product such as chili, garri, cocoa, yam, peanuts, tomatoes, bitter cola, cashews or nuts and help with export.

8. Security company:

Many Nigerians are looking for excellent and reliable security workers. Look for this business opportunity and recruit security guards. Nigerians will be relieved to find reliable security guards and only hire you.

9. Laundry activities:

People make a lot of money with small laundries and washing machines. Nigerians need your services. This is a great business opportunity that needs a good starting point in your area.

10. Transportation:

Many Nigerians who do not have a personal car are there to help you grow your small business. Provide them with transportation to their work, church and school.

Low-capital business ideas in Nigeria are profitable and lucrative.

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