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(Opinion): 3 Advantages Of The Credit Score On Opera News Hub

3 Advantages Of The Credit Score On Opera News Hub (Opinion)

OperaNewsHub is an online news platform which has gifted such a significant number of jobless Nigerian adolescents with a platform in which they can acquire money through composition of news and stories.

As the months went quickly by, OperaNewsHub kept on presenting new arrangements including the new income structure which is the Credit Score System. 

The Credit Score is another marker set up by the OperaNewsHub to screen and monitor the rate at which their news creators violate their set down guidelines.

How the CREDIT SCORE functions is that at whatever point an writer Article gets rejected because of infringement of any of the guidelines given by Opera, a specific number of point is deducted from the total credit score which is 100%, which is fixed. But will be renewed after 7 days of no rejection.

Below are the advantages of the Credit Score

1. Improvement in Content Quality and Originality. 

2. Reduction in plagiarism rate.

3. There's expanded dutifulness to the set down guidelines of the OperaNewsHub by the Opera Writers. 

In case you're a comtent writer and you know different advantages of this Credit Score, don't spare a moment to impart it to us through the comment section below, if you don't mind like and also share this article.

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