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The Positive Ritual To Recover Money Someone Is Owing You.

Money the say stop nonsense and who have it have the words.

It feels good to have money at hand or probably in the bank but very annoying when you have the money but someone is holding it.

The worst part is some of them have the money to pay but wickedly refuse to pay.

At times we work for our employers for months and our salary ate been held for months thereby making us broke and not able to cater for our family and out need.

If you are facing this issue like one of my followers complained then do this ritual.

*** Buy one (1)Green candle.

*** A plain paper (brown preferable) but can use white if brown is not reachable.

Write exactly your intention in that plain paper eg(I want my company to pay me or let who is owing me pay me) .

Make a circle with salt enough to contain you and the candle then sit on the candle and light the candle.

As the candle is burning, clear your mind of any other thing and meditate with your intention in your mind(eg be thinking of who and who is owing you and how they will pay you after this process.

As you are meditating, put that paper you wrote your intention in the candle to catch fire while you hold it.

Allow the paper to burn and also allow the candle to burn till it stops.

Keep burning green candle for 3days after the first day and you will get your money.


>>> The salt is to protect your ritual from any negative energy so you don't finish it and it won't work.

>>> This will only work if who is owing you whether your work place/individual has the money and refuse to pay but if he doesn't have it then the thought will be stirred in him/her .

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