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Positive Ritual To Get A Job If You Are Looking For Job/Finding It Hard To Get Job.

Unemployment rate is very high in our country today because employers of labour are very few but this doesn't mean that people don't get work these days.

It is now advisable for all man to have at least double or even triple income generating ways to survive here in Nigeria.

There are simple positive ritual that can help you to get a job if you are looking for a job and importantly if you are qualified.

This ritual is solely for those that are hardworking and have the required qualification for the job the applied.

Before you undergo this ritual process, make sure you have submitted CV and also Qualified for the job.

If you have done the above then get these items for the ritual;

* A plate(not rubber plate).

* Green candle.

* Marker or pen.

* Piece of paper (brown).

* Coconut oil .

* Lavender.

* Lemongrass.

* Peppermint (not peppermint sweet).

* Sugar .

* Gold glitter. 

* Bay leaves.

 Follow these steps to achieve your desire;

* Cast a circle with the sugar and place the plate inside the circle. 

* Write out your intention on the paper.

* Take the green candle,coconut oil and all your items and speak out your intentions positively to it and bless them.

* Anoint the candle with coconut oil.

* Dress the candle with lavender, lemongrass, peppermint, gold glitter.

* Place your written intention on the plate

* Carefully light the candle and place at the middle of the paper, in the plate and allow the candle to burn till it finishes.

 That same plate you used to burn the candle,put 3k or more in it and give out to any widow around for blessing.

Light green candle weekly (Wednesday and Friday)for 3weeks and it is done.


*** The money should be giving out to a widow not single mothers.

*** Don't stay at home and do it with hope job will fall from heaven, you must have submitted CV or talked to the employer if it is not a CV job and also qualified for the job.

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