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5 Lucrative Businesses to Start Up In This Rainy Season With or Less Than 10,000 Naira.

Have you been thinking about a lucrative business to start up in this season that will fetch you legit cash? Maybe you've been discouraged with the ones you came across because of the financial implications.

You are in the right place, here are 5 Lucrative business to start up with little or "chikini" money or capital. No 1 is most simple, easy and profit assured venture.

How will it be like to start a business with less than ten thousand (10,000) Naira and generate more than fifty thousand (50,000) naira within a month?

The current situation of the Nation warrants being able to discern the tides of business and flow with the current so as to be able to make profits.

Capital is not the determinant or secret to successful businesses rather business ideas. That means business don't flourish on the strength of the capital invested but on the tide of business ebbs. One can start a business of 100,000 thousand naira but at the end still incur losses not necessarily for lack of financial management but because of poor business idea or strategy.

One of the ways of becoming a business tycoon is to be able to understand the nuances in business trends and tap into the stream with the confidence of making cool money.

This rainy season posits a good frame of time to set up some lucrative businesses that will help multiply savings if invested more than the profit you can acquire from any financial institution or ponzi scheme if diligently handled.

Here Are Some Lucrative Businesses to Start up With or Less Than 10,000 Naira

The season itself is a promoter of these businesses.


Charcoal which is made from special kinds of forest trees are used as fuel for cooking in many African countries. It is one of the cheapest and long lasting cooking fuel apart from wood which is popularly used.

Charcoal is lucrative in this rainy season because of it's enduring power. It is very difficult to access quality dry wood in this season, further more, kerosene and gas become expensive as demand increase with less enduring time. As such, people turn to charcoal which is cheap, easy to use and endures more while in use.

How do I start this business?

Currently a bag of charcoal goes for 1,800-2,000 Naira par bag depending on your location and can be sold at the rate of 2,500 - 2,800 Naira. Or you could decide to get a truck which contains 50 bags. If you could get 500 - 800 Nair profit, you should be counting up to 25,00 - 40,000 naira gain in total.


Okrika; Second hand wears which is popularly known as O.K is indeed a sure way of making cool and legit cash here in 9ja and any part of Africa. The good thing is that, this business does not need any shop or secluded place for start up. You could start this business right inside your sitting room or could be displayed just at your door or corridor. There are special kind of okrika wears that are hot cakes in this season which will definitely be sold with guaranteed profits.

This wears combat cold and mitigate against cough and catarrh. They include Turtle neck wears, hand gloves, socks, head warmers, and sweaters.

How do I start this business?

You could decide to buy goods of5,000 -10,000 Naira whereby each one cost 1,500 - 2,000 naira. Or you could decide to purchase a bale which will be far more profitable. You could start up by selling these goods to your family and friends as you grow gradually.


Rain boots and coats are on high demand in this season because of the rain especially in some part of the nation. The rain coat is to protect one from rain drops while the boots from flooded areas.

You might not understand how needful rain boots are in this season if you are not in places like Lagos. It helps protect the leg from damages made by constant contact with polluted water in flooded environs.

How do I start this business?

You could order a rain boot which may cost 3,000-4,000 and sell it at the rate of 3,500 - 4,500 naira. You could order for 2-3 pairs for a start up.


It is a fact that there is a high demand of bread in this season. The consumption of this commodity has increased as families now make it a daily meal used with hot tea or other beverage.

How do I start?

Contact any local bakery closest to you and inquire the whole sale price and then make a deal with them. Then get to small business shops or stores on the street and offer your services to supply them with bread. You could be able to make 50 - 100 naira per bread. What if you could supply a 500-1,000 pieces of bread per day? It's a whole lot of money.

1). CORN

Corn is one of the striving and highly demanded local chops in this season. It might seem to be a dirty job or local but if it can generate cool cash, who cares?

Just as our faces are different so are our choices. Some prefer it cooked while others roasted. The good part is that no individual can boast of not eating or disliking this commodity. It is widely consumed by both rich and poor, black and white etcetera.

Here is a man who roasts corn in Dubai for a living. As you can see he does it with joy and fulfillment.

How do I start?

This a a very cheap and yet a lucrative business to start up. You could get to the famers who grow this commodity and make a deal with them. We are already in the season of it's s harvest. You could start up with any amount of your choice and watch your cash grow steadily.

On a final note, all these business highlighted could be ventured into with or less than 10,000 Naira. Most importantly, you don't need a shop or special place to start up, you could start up right in front of your house or room. Profit and influx of cash is a guarantee in any of the listed business if handled with diligence.

Feel free to comment or ask any question regarding this subject as it will be attended to circumspectly. Don't forget to hit the follow up button for more info.

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