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3 simple business To do if u want to become a millionaire.

These are three simple business to make millions with time:

1)poultry farming business.

2) laundry business.

3)Car wash business.

1)Poultry farming business: poultry farming is a process of or form of raising demosticated birds such as turkey, chicken to produce meat or eggs for food. or it's a means of raising demosticated birds or animal to generate in come.

Steps to start a poultry farming

Step -1:choose a suitable type of poultry bird to rear.

Step-2: select a suitable site or location.

Step-3 : provide a good housing and shelter for the bird.

Step-4 : feeding and medication is important.

Step-5 :marketing and sales of the bird.

2)Laundry business: A laundry business is one of the most simple business that you can do. It's all about being in a strategic location. The cash flow of laundry made is typically in the range of N15,000 and N300,000 per year.

Car wash business: small scale self service car wash can earn average of 90,000 a year in profit. While a car wash big companies can earn more than 800,000 per year.

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