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A detailed way on how to start crayfish business with little capital

The name crayfish was gotten from an old French word "escrevisse". Crayfish is a freshwater barnacle that looks like small lobster.

Selling of crayfish is one of the most lucrative business in Nigeria,it can be started with little capital and you end up making so much profit.

Most people look down on this business because they feel,they are too sophisticated for it,but trust me ,when it has to do with a legit way to make good money,your never too sophisticated for it.

I have a family friend who started this crayfish business, though she added fish and other sea food to it. She started with little capital, when she made her first sales the profit she realized was huge. By the time she made the second sales,she added the profit to the first sales profit and used it to open a restaurant. She had to quit her job and focus mainly on her crayfish business and restaurant.

Crayfish business is making most Nigerians comfortable. There is no easy legit business out there. For you to make it in this crayfish business, you have to be really hard working and dedicated.

For you to go into the crayfish business,there are certain things you need to put into consideration;

1. How to preserve the crayfish: This is a very important factor to put into consideration, the crayfish must be properly preserved, so you don't end up loosing. Most sellers preserve their left over crayfish,by sunning it. They look for a clean spot outside,where they know the sun would really get to it,they lay some sacks on the ground and spread the crayfish on it.

2. Where to buy from: Most people get their crayfish from riverine areas like Akwa Ibom,cross rivers State,Bayelsa, Rivers, Delta. But the state that gives you the cheapest deals is Akwa Ibom and their crayfish is also of high quality.

3. Packaging of crayfish: The packaging all depends on you,it depends on how you want to be selling it. You can package it in small nylons for #50, or in bigger bags, for #1000,#2000,#3000, and so on depending on how you measure it. Crayfish business is very lucrative,no matter how you package it, you would make good money.

How do you get customers: This is another question many people would ask. Without customers, you can't make deliveries and without deliveries, you can't make profit.

Getting customers is really simple, but you have to be really confident in what you sell and be a good advertiser. You can get customers through the following ways;

1. The internet has made it so easy for people to easily make sells, you just have to be very active and ready to deliver. Once you are done with your packaging, go online and start advertising. Use all your social media accounts to sell your product. My family friend I spoke about earlier,gets most of her clients from Facebook. Once she advertises them,she starts getting orders, even from outside the country. So make good use of the internet.

2. The market: Take out some time,go to the market, go to those ladies that sell in smaller bits, and let them know, you can be delivering it to them. If possible offer them a cheaper rate of what they have been buying to lure them to you.

3. Go to schools: Go to university lodges, you can hire a car, put your crayfish at the back seat. Go to student lodges to make sales. You would be amazed the kind of sales you make.

4. Restaurants: strike a deal with a restaurant owner, and be the only one supplying crayfish to her.

5. You can even go to people who sell little shops around your area and start supplying crayfish to them.

Crayfish business is very profitable, and does not really require much capital to begin, with #20000 you can start. The level of profit you would make, even when you remove your transport and little losses, you would still be amazed by the profit, and with time, you would expand.

Now there is another way of making money from crayfish without the whole stress,it is called crayfish farming. You don't have to be into fishing to go into this business. I have a friend who does this, and he is making good money. All he did was,buy a boat,give it to some fishermen,the fishermen get the crayfish and sell it to market women,they pay them and they send his money to him. It's that simple,buy a boat,look for fishermen and strike a deal with them.

Do not take this business for granted, someone who started this business,made her first 2million,at the early stage she started.

And the good thing is, you must not have a shop to start it.Always remember the secret to a successful sale,is offering what others in the same line of business do not offer. For the first time you start try as much as possible to offer a cheaper price, and a quality product, this would help you lure customers.

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