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How to Get A Job in Oil and Gas Companies in Nigeria

Nigeria is African's largest oil and gas producer. And it is the home to major international oil organizations and companies such as,

1. Shell

2. Chevron

3. Total

4. Hardy oil and gas

5. Nexen

6. Addax

7. Exxon Mobi

8. Statoil

9. Agip

10. Petrobras

When in school you had the vision of working in one of these companies listed above. If you have not given up on that dream, and want it to be your reality here is the right article for you. This article focuses on the provable methods which had get top professionals the oil companies job.

Is there a provable formula to get the job?

There is a practicable methods or steps to follow to get the job. This steps makes you work these companies called professional excellence. Theses companies are here to make profits, there anything or anyone of value to them will be hired. The formula you we receive here, if put to practice I guarantee you will get a job in one of these companies before the end of this year. Because, this formula will make you professional excellent in the eyes of these companies management. I am not talking about graduating with a first class or 2.1 or 2.2. This Excellency has nothing to do with your school certification. But, has more to do with job ethics or working ethics.

What is professional excellence?

A professional excellent person, is a man or woman who have obtained the right certifications, and skills required to work with these companies. Or simply put, as being professionally acceptable in career. Now, there are two major steps that must not be ignored if, you want to be desired by these companies and other top organizations.

1. Be certified as a member of professionally recognized body in your area of field of study

2. Get certified in a professional skill.

Step 1 : Join The Professionals

These are bodies or organizations which directs and regulates certified professionals. If you are a graduate and you are not registered with these bodies , sorry you will not be hired by these oil and gas companies or any other reputable organizations. They have the power to sanction these companies if they hire anyone that is not certified professionally to do their jobs. Also, your market value as a professional increases if you are registered with them. Below are list of some professionally recognized bodies you should get their certification, make sure to look at the ones in charge of your profession or career department.

Professional bodies for Engineers

Here are 5 Top professional organizations for Engineers you can join to boost your chances of getting these oil and gas jobs.

1.Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN):

2. Nigerian Society of Engineers(NSE)

3. Council of Nigerian Mining Engineers and Geoscientists (COMEG)

4. Nigerian Society of Chemical Engineers (NSChE)

5. Association of Professional Women Engineers of Nigeria (APWEN)

Professional bodies for Accountants and Managers

Here are 5 top professional organizations for Accountants and other management graduates you can join to boost your chances of getting these oil and gas jobs.

1. Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN)

2. Association of National Accountants of Nigeria (ANAN)

3. Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Nigeria (CPA)

4. Institute of Forensic Accountants (IFA)

5. Chartered Institute of International Accountants of Nigeria (CAIAN)

Professional bodies for lawyers

Here are 4 top professional bodies for law graduates you can join to boost your chances of getting these oil and gas jobs.

1. Nigeria Bar Association (NBA)

2. Centre for Law & Development

3. Society of Construction Industry Arbitrators of Nigeria (SCIARB)

4. Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies (NIALS)

Step 2. Get a professional Skill

The Bible say the man who is skilled in his works will eat and drink with kings. What I am simply saying is that, to be fully professionally qualified for an oil and gas job, in addition to belonging to a recognized professional body, you also need to have and be the best there is, in a much needed professional skill. A professional skill makes it impossible for you not to be ignored no matter what.

For Example, the highest percentage in number of offshore workers are welders who are registered members of the HSC ( health and safety construction). This is because welding skill is highly in demand for the oil and gas companies. Of course everyone cannot be a welder, but there are so many professional softwares you can learn which will make you stand out from the crowd.

1. Microsoft Excel and tableau for all professionals, especially for the management professionals and business intelligence professionals.

2. Python, for project managers and sales analyst and Engineers.

3. Auto Desk for Engineers

4. Civil 3D for civil Engineers and surveyors

5. Solid works for mechanical engineers

6. Piping and planet for petroleum Engineers chemical engineers and mechanical Engineers

7. Inventor fusion for mechanical Engineers

8. Matlab for production and computer Engineers etc.

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