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6 Places Money Hide - Read To Discover

Unknown to Most People

Money, the bone of contention. The reason behind everyday struggle.

Acquisition and accumulation of wealth make people sacrifice years of their life to go to school or learn a trade.

Money, the root of all evil - as some people choose to call it. Money - a resource used as a means of exchange for value received.

For reason not far fetched, a lot of people find it difficult to make, keep and multiply money. Lack of financial knowledge has hindered many people doom, keeping them in the vicious cycle of poverty (The Rat Race).

Like being a silent teacher has made it difficult for a lot of people to learn valuable lessons it pass across.

Most people want to be told what to do, even when things are being shown to them.

In this article, together we'll be unraveling 6 places money hide.

By knowing where money hides, you'll be able to locate, attract, keep and multiply it.

#1. Money Hides In People

Money is created and used my man. Every wealthy people in our world today, leverage on people.

Mark Zuckerberg has over 1.5 billion making use of his invention. He is getting rewarded handsomely because he is able to see his money hiding in people and devise a way of getting it.

For anyone to be wealthy, he has to create something valuable that people will be willing to have in exchange for their money. The bigger the audience you're able to offer value to, the larger the amount you will get from them.

2. Money Hides In Problem

For every problem you see, the lies a potential for someone to get rich, if only they can provide solution to them.

Human is faced with many problems, identify and solve one. The magnitude of the problem you're able to solve will determine how magnificent your reward will be. Imagine solving the global problem we all are currently facing?

You won't only be celebrated as an international hero, you'll make it to Forbes List.

But Ridwan, I'm not a Researcher, I'm not even in the medical line - I hear you say. problem, but if you can't stop that particular problem, have you think of solving other problems?

There are many problems awaiting solution. If you can solve a national problems, try solving regional, state, or even local problem. You will surely be's all about mindset.

3. Money Hides In Talent

Show me someone with no talents, and I'll crown you The Greatest Liar of All Time.

Every man, irrespective of his challenge or adversary has talents to make use of and get rich.

We've heard stories of different physically-challenged people who went against all odds to succeed and make good name for themselves.

A lot of physically-challenged have made decision to use their talents, to turn their disadvantage into advantage, rather than wallowing in self-pity.

4. Money Hides In Vision

Do you have an idea capable of liberating a lot of people? Have you figure out a viable solution to problem affecting a lot of people? Bring it on.

People will willingly support you when they see that you have a vision. If you're able to birth that vision, and make it be of something useful to people, they'll gladly give you their money.

A good thing about vision is that it has nothing to do with your net worth. Unlocking new thinking pattern have you visualize better.

5. Money Hides In Hardwork

There is a popular saying, "There is nothing you can't achieve, once you set your mind to it." Life is ready to give you anything you want. The question is, what do you want? Don't bother answering that, your attitude will do the answering.

If you're lazy, you'll see the end result of laziness. If you're hardworking, a day will come, your hardwork will meet opportunity and life will smile on you.

Have you heard of the saying, "Hardwork best talent". That goes on to tell you how important hardwork is, and how powerful hardworking individuals can be.

Keep up the hardwork, you'll dig gold


6. Money Hides In Creator

It will be foolish of anyone to write off the fact that prayers answers.

As long as you have a belief system and believe in the existence of the Supreme.

Keep believing and work on improvement.

Thanks for reading

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