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DSTV In A Big Trouble

If we must hold on to what a Nigerian house rep committee is doing right now, it is safe to say that DSTV and co are in a big trouble because they have been extremely exploiting Nigerians.

To affirm this, Rep member, Unyime Idem who is the Chairman of the Ad-hoc Committee set up by the house of rep to handle this tariff issue stated that "the Implementation of Pay As You GO Tariff by DSTV and others is a no going back and it's a Nigerian Project".

Rep. Unyime Idem (below)

According to him while addressing Nigerian Broadcasting Commission, NBC Acting DG, Prof. Amstrong Idachaba, during Investigative Hearing on non-Implementation of Pay As You Go Tariff by DSTV and other Service Providers in Abuja on June 25, 2020, he said that “they have already taken a decision that Pay As You Go implementation by DSTV and other Satellite TV providers is no going back. The house of rep is only calling on the Management of NBC to rob minds so they can get to know what it takes to let the Pay As You Go tariff happen. Nigerians have spoken to us. Ever since this Committee was set up, we have received lots of memos and calls everywhere. The challenge Nigerians have thrown at us is that they need Pay As You Go Tariff no matter what it will take. Have it at the back of your mind that we are not here for academic exercise but to ensure we get PAYG tariff implemented. That is the duty we owe the people we represent. So do not think that with the challenges you have mentioned, we need to wait a little longer, no. You must find a way to surmount these challenges; liaise with Consumer Protection Council, the Service Providers, other relevant agencies and negotiate the best possible and pocket friendly rate that will be favorable to Nigerians. Be reminded that Pay As You Go for Nigerians is no going back. It is a project”

It is worthy to note that majority of Nigerians have been complaining about the tariff these satelite TV service providers have been charging them. It's has been so humongous that many can't bear it any longer. In other countries it's "pay as you use" but I don't know why Nigeria's case has been so different and lingered for a very long time.

Like communication networks are doing with call credit, satellite TV providers supposed to make it "Pay As You Use" but reverse has been the case. One will subscribe and with the epileptic power supply in Nigeria, he won't use it and before you know it the whole subscription is gone. It's a total waste of resources to the consumers while only the service providers are smiling to the banks. The consumers are not enjoying their money for the services they are getting. And this has to stop now.

I pray that the house of representatives will take this seriously as they have given Nigerians hope already and ensure that it's passed into law so that Nigerians will be free from the exploitative tendencies of DSTV n co.

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