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2 Things You Can Do From The Comfort Of Your Home To Make Money, You Can Start With Even 1000 Naira.

It is very disheartening to hear people complain about lack of jobs and lack of money this period when really you can be making a fortune for yourself by being an entrepreneur.

I know at the mention of the word entrepreneur, many people will lose faith as the capital required to start up one's own business is such a hard feat to achieve right now.

The business I'm about to teach you today can be started out with as low as 1000 naira. Yes you heard me right. A thousand naira.

Below I'm going to teach you about the popcorn business and the plantain chips business. With the proceeds from this business, you can get more funds that would enable you to acquire more goods, more equipment and diversify your income. For now you don't have to buy anything other than the ingredients I'm going to tell you as this business can be done with your stove and from the comfort of your houses.

Below I will be posting pictures of how to make popcorn.

You'd need Butter, Corn, Groundnut oil, Milk and Sugar. You can purchase these for 500 naira.

Step 1. Put a clean dry pot on the stove and add little Groundnut oil and butter.

2. After a while add you can corn into the pot and chose the top. Note that your pot should be airtight so that the hot air in the pot may not leak.

3. You'd start hearing pop sounds after a while. Don't open the post just yet, leave if for about five minutes and then you can check its progress.

4. Pour into a bowl and add salt and milk to taste.

Turn into a plate and allow to cool. You can tie into transparent packs and sell for 50 naira each.

How to make plantain chips.


Ripe or unripe plantains

Vegetable oil

Table salt/sugar for taste

You can purchase these items with 500 naira

1. Wash plantains. Peel them and slice into very thin circles. Place all the slices into water until you finish. This way you can maintain their color. Salt the water and stir. All the water has to be drained to leave plantain slices dry before frying them.

2. Add oil into a deep pan and preheat it. Place plantain slices into the hot oil and fry until they turn yellow.

3. Remove extra oil from your chips with the help of a sieve.

Put the quantities of the finished product into transparent air tight nylon bags or transparent containers according to your taste.

You can sell this to your neighbors and in your houses.

Do you have more questions?

Drop them below.

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