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Business Lessons from Sweet Sensation Pots, Pans and Spoons

Pots pans and spoons ia an intriguing story of how sweet sensation started at a small backyard in Lagos with nothing but determination, passion and faith; nurturef in relative obscurity for about 10 years and painstakenly grown into a successful brand.

Sweet Sensation is a well-known fast food brand in Lagos offering quality, healthy and affordable local and Continental was one of the first quick service restaurant that opened in Lagos

This is a must read book for just about anyone who has a business idea ,deeam or desire to succeed especially those living in a challenging social economic clime

But before you read the book I want to shat some lessons from the book

1. know when to say goodbye to a failing business. learn let go of a business that is nor working.

2. Build with what you have for where you are headed, make it happen, dint give room for excuses, know that you're making these sacrifices for tomorrow

3.Eliminate idle time from your life by being accountable for everytime

4. Use the circle marketing strategy. people around your business within 5 meters radius should know about your business and patronize as you expamd gradually

5. Bring God into your business, be sensitive to hear from God

6. Think partnership before competition.Have a big mentality,let your mindset expand,have a "big me" mindset

7. Study your competitors.Learn from other people's mistake and experience then replicate in your own adventure. It is okay to copy from your competitors and make it better.

8. Learn from your mistakes

9. Be on top of your systems,restructure things when there is a loophole. Keep training at training your staff,they cannot give what they do not have

Take inventory and stock of your goods and products

You might have to pay for a good accounting and inventory system

10. Do not expand too quickly, master this business well, its not how far but how well.Be true to yourself

11. Think location, think location, think location

12. Research your field and carve a niche for yourself,study trends,customers and competitors

Lastly...Be willing to start small and build

Content created and supplied by: OkoroOghosa (via Opera News )

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