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Profitable Business You Can start with Less Than 20k

There are different types of small business around the globe, which are thriving thriving the Nigerian society. Some of this business are already yielding money to thousand of people , it could be your neighbors and peers.

It is time to wake up and stop complaining about being jobless ,or are you still waiting for white collar job??

There is a lot of business that will make you more money that white collar job will make for you..... So i dare you to stand up and work.

1. Recharge card printing.

The Recharge card you used everyday are not printed by most telecommunications, those recharge card are printed by everybody like you and me, it could be your neighbors.

So do your research well, and start Your business.

2. Selling fairy used phone.

This involved little or no skill, everybody can engage in this business , including student, Return on investment is all most guaranteed,

Diligence is key , i will advice you to carry in depth research about it.

3. Mimi cyber cafe.

Cyper cafe have gone out of fashion. But it still stand, and student have to register for NECO, WAEC JAMB and many more other online registration , people who don't know anything about digital have to do online transfer.

So if you have laptop or Mobil phone this is where you come in .

This business can start any, even in front of your house, what's you name is space and advertise your business.

4. Food business. ,

Everyday people buy food and eat , food business is most moving business in our neighborhood.

5. Fish farming.

Small scale of fish farming is easy to start and it requires low capital,

And you can start this lucrative business in your backyard with baesin and few fingerlings that can fit in it.

6. Dry cleaning.

No matter how many dry cleaning shop are out there, many are still needed.

You can start dry cleaning service at home for neighbor , and gradually increase to other people.

Get a business, card distribute it to people, and start manual washing, aslong as the clothes is well ironed and smell nice.

7. Hair trimming.

Starting this business doesn't necessarily require that you have the skill of Barbing, you can start this business and have some one doing it for you.

All you need is clliper .

8. Restaurant.

If you know how to cook why fold your hands and complain of jobless.

Starting a restaurant business pay beyond Your wildest imagination

9. Car wash

Starting a little car wash require little or no capital , the most difficult thing about it is getting a workplace. But this is not necessary, you can start by identifying a potential customers . Going to their house and wash they cars.

10. Selling of charcoal.

Selling of charcoal is a small profitable business . Everyone ignores it you can start by identifying people who needs charcoal, and supplies it in bulk for them which is profitable.

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