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10 Latest Businesses In Nigeria That Will Give You N200,000 Monthly

The truth is, some of these small business ideas are not smart or new. But when it comes to wearing street clothes, the right equipment, risk tolerance, passion and perseverance can change millions of dollars in the business world.

For non-creative entrepreneurs in Nigeria, business ideas need so much money to get out of the ground. Getting these ideas should not be a tedious process. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Today we present you business ideas with different types of investments.

Top 10 business ideas and opportunities in Nigeria.

Ten key ideas for a small business that will soon produce millions of people.

1. agriculture

With a population of more than 150 million, Nigeria's agricultural and food sector is one of the largest in Africa. The population is expected to explode in the coming years, creating a more lucrative business opportunity for the agricultural industry.

Many sub-sectors, such as poultry, agriculture, farming, cassava and palm oil, are already gaining millions in their fields. There are thousands of ideas to attract small businesses. What you need: An idea to focus on extensive market research and highly productive work.

2. Web design agencies:

Almost every current job jumps into the online landscape. This means one thing: everyone needs websites, and you can use them here. This gap in the field of online design offers an opportunity for various online design agencies or potential entrepreneurs who want to develop online.

As an internet designer in Nigeria, you can promote your agency through opportunities for social networks such as SME, blog, LinkedIn and various channels. It can be an excellent source of money to help millions of small businesses create incredible website designs and create blogs on WordPress or Blogger.

What you need: a computer, good web design skills, a portfolio and several channels to reach potential customers.

3. Education:

Nigerians (especially those who can afford it) take education seriously. Typical orders are day care centers, kindergartens, primary schools, institutes and universities.

Undoubtedly, this is a good investment potential for any entrepreneur. In addition, you can decide what items are not in the traditional education sector, such as special education, adult education, educational sites, educational technology, and even educational resources. There is plenty of room in this sector to cover the money left in your pocket.

What you need: Choose training and get training. Start investing.

4. Retail stores:

With the basic needs of clothes, groceries, medicines, etc., which are part of the average person's daily life, a Nigerian store deserves a second investment study. It shouldn't be big, even if it's a small store, you can make a significant income.

It starts with a small shop focused on groceries, fashion items or one of the other categories. Starting a store is quite expensive, but also very efficient. Order SPAR, Shoprite, Health Plus and more.

What you need: Understand the market, know what you are selling, and set yourself up to look for a large number of customers.

5. Digital advertising agency:

The emergence of hundreds of small businesses in all sectors is a daunting task. This includes advertising agencies. As an advertising agency like Anakle or Wild Fusion, you can help companies grow their customers by creating innovative online and offline campaigns.

Companies often want to pay a lot of money to grow their brands faster. Therefore, if you are an experienced writer, a very good artist with other advertisers, you will soon be able to introduce your creative agency.

What you need: Learn how programs or games are set up and a good way to run quality / creative campaigns that can be viral.

6. Mobile application agencies:

While not all Nigerian companies use mobile apps to connect with their customers, thousands of people are looking for specialized mobile app developers to implement their ideas. There is a great need for the development of mobile applications in Nigeria, which makes it very profitable.

Managing many projects can earn millions at once.

What you need: technical skills, mobile applications and various applications.

7. Mobile phones:

Retail or mobile internet sales are killing millions of homeowners by selling mobile phones in the growing Nigerian market. Companies like SLOT have good intentions, a larger customer base and the money to sell the phone. With such a small and popular small business, you can try different marketing strategies, such as offering mobile phone deals to attract more people to your smartphone business.

What you need: Start by selling cheap cell phones.

8. Real estate

Currently, while some real estate companies in Nigeria are now focusing on residential or commercial real estate, opportunities in the sector are growing exponentially. In Nigeria, the real estate industry generally operates through offline sales channels, but you can set up an online channel and offer thousands of properties for sale.

In addition, you can act as a real estate agent and receive a commission for every sale you make to a real estate agent.

What you need: Customer service skills, sales skills and the latest real estate news.

9. Initial credit service:

If you have extra money, you can start a loan service for small business owners with coverage when you want to get a loan from banks and other financial institutions.

Many companies have applied for loans due to the heavy load requirements imposed by these financial institutions. As a start-up loan business, you can offer short-term loans with very limited restrictions for beginners.

What you need: a little extra money, risk tolerance and incidence.

10. Stock Exchange:

Of course, there is a natural risk of large losses, but if you stop good exchanges, the stock market is very profitable. Before deciding which stocks to buy, you should review the progress of the business in the short and long term, talk to your stockbroker, finance specialist, or a friend who has been trading successfully for a while. on the stock exchange.

With the right forecasts, you can become a millionaire if you invest in stocks.

What you need: An understanding of Nigerian stock market trends and an experienced retailer.

These are the best business ideas available in Nigeria. In fact, there are more legendary business ideas in the world that change the business manager. Maybe you have an original project that allows you to make more productive and simpler money than described in the article. Do as they say!

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