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4 Profitable Jobs Even Lazy People Can Do To Earn Legitimately During And After Covid-19 Pandemic

Technology and innovation have made life so easy and smooth that even buying and selling don't necessarily requires physical contact before you get your goods and make payments. 

The truth is, in every innovation you see today, it was due to laziness that those inventions were carried out, but in most African countries we still believe in human labor instead of taking advantage of those hard labor knowledge to produce tools to make work faster and easier. 

With all these new innovations coming up every day, we all need to start engaging ourselves into profitable online platforms to earn cool money with less stress involved. If you are not making legitimately online then you are missing a lot seriously. 

Below are some 4 profitable ideas to help you start your online career. 


What are the jobs of a survey taker? As an online survey taker you are required to use at least 10-15 minutes of your time to feel some selected questions presented to you by the surveyor, either through email or web.  

Recently with the rising rate of covid-19 around the world, survey takers are highly needed to give response to questions about how they feel, such as weather conditions, time, and even compliance to the guidelines of social distancing and others in their locations. During these survey you don't neccesary need to even move from your bed.

Get online search for online paying survey sites and start earning. 


You may have heard people talking about blog right? And you keep wondering what they do, here is what they do online, they sell their knowledge to people online. 

We all have unique skills, but only few out of many utilize those beautiful skills and knowledge. If you are a good sport analyst, political Analyst or even good at counseling, instead of just sleeping on those ideas, you need to start thinking on how to start a blog, analyze your opinions and post them for viewers and earn.  


Freelancing is a kind of job that requires you to have some special skills to sell online or physically. But the sweet thing about freelancing is that you don't need to leave your bed just to hurry for work in the morning, your are just a contractor. To be in a good freelancer, you should know those things you are good at, then offer them to organizations and get paid in return. 

As a freelancer you take contracts from people either online or as physical job assignments, you don't work for a single employer, freelancers have all the time for themselves. Below are some jobs if you like to become a freelancer. 

1. Shopping online for people 

2. Contract photographer 

3. Proofreading for blogs. 


YouTube has millions of viewers, with all these viewers having unique interests of what they want from the platform. Thousands of viewers visit YouTube to search for new languages to learn every day, why not take the opportunities to teach even foreigners your language? And get paid.

NOTE: writting for opera is one among the best profitable online job you can ever find. But creativity and hardworking matters alot on the platform.

All the above jobs can be done in your comfort zone, be it your room or resting places. You can as well research for more online jobs on your too, because there are countless number of them. 

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