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10 States with the highest Mineral deposit in Nigeria

This is the list of 10 States in Nigeria with the highest Mineral Deposit.

Abia State has minerals like Crude Oil, Natural Gas, Tar Sands/Oil Shales, Lead, Zinc, copper, phosphate (traces), Gypsium, Lime-stone, Iron Ore, Kaolin Laterite Etc.

Adamawa has minerals like Feldspars, Marble, Gypsium, Tantalite, Rock Crystal, Laterites, Topas, sandstones, Mercury, Glass sand, Mica, Iron-Ore, Diatomite, Coal, Onyx, Zinc, Tin, Uranium, Quartz, Platinum, Gold Dust Etc.

Akwa-lbom has some Minerals like Crude oil, Limestone, Clay, Gold, Salt, Glass-sand and Natural Gas Etc.

Anambra State has Natural Gas, Crude oil Bauxite Etc.

Bauchi has minerals like Cassilerate, Limestone, Kaoline, Gypsum, Antimony, Iron-Ore, Gold, Marble, Columbite, Zinc and Noticeable Deposits of petroleum related resources etc.

Bayelsa and Rivers State has minerals like Crude oil, Natural Gas, Clay Etc.

Benue State has Minerals like Limestone, Gypsum, Anhydride, Kaolin, Natural Gas Etc.

Borno State has minerals like Gpysum, Kaolin and Quartz, Clay, Limestone, Diatomite etc.

Cross River State has some minerals like Limestone, Gypsum, Titanium, Tin Ore, Crude Oil Etc.

Delta State has some minerals like Crude Oil, Industrial Clay, Silica, Lignite, Kaolin Etc.

Ebonyi state has some mineral resources like Limestone, Gypsum, Granite, Gold, Lead, Salt, Lead, Crude oil and Natural gas etc.

Why Enugu state is known only for Coal with small deposition of other minerals.

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