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My Boss Is Asking Me For Something In Return Before I Can Receive My Salary [Fiction]

After Secondary School, she decided to take her first steps into the scary world of grownups. At the tender age of 19, my parents thought it best that I found a menial job that'd be able to support them. 

My older brother was serving in the Nigerian Youth Service Corps, while mom was a trader and dad worked two jobs, a janitor and sales rep.

With these seemingly difficult odds, I didn't find it hard to put myself on the streets. 

Every vacancy sign was a hunting ground for me. A sales rep position two streets away were offering four thousand a month, another was looking to pay me just six thousand for a month.

All these were too little, considering the time I would spend working. I didn't give up though, a few weeks into my job hunt and I found another vacancy sign. 

It was a gas station and they were looking to hire just two people. I applied and passed the interview, the questions were mostly around current affairs and moral standings.

My parents were overjoyed at the news of my employment and even made a small party in my honor. 

I resumed work the next week and was enjoying my job. Customers came in their numbers and being the only female pump attendant resulted in the male motorists vying for my attention. 

I made half my salary in two weeks, I was to earn twenty thousand every month, and this didn't go unnoticed by my superiors.

One faithful day I was called into the manager's office for an important discussion. 

Naturally, I thought I was going to be praised for my good work but what I heard inside that office made my insides freeze. 

My manager, a man in his late fifty's blatantly told me he wanted to lay with me. I wasn't surprised because I heard rumors of him doing it with other workers.

Even though I was just a small girl I knew that was very wrong. I tried explaining to him that it was a bad idea but he didn't listen. 

I even went as far as revealing my family issues and settling for a pay cut but my boss was adamant about having coitus with me. 

According to him, it has been a while since he had the pleasure of "fresh meat'".

Yes you can simple put it that "my own Boss Is Asking Me For Something In Return Before I Can Receive My Salary". 

He promised to increase my salary to forty thousand and even spoke of sponsoring my tertiary education if I yielded, though he threatened to sack me if I didn't. 

Things got worse when he said he'd make my brother spend a longer time in jail if I tried to speak of this to anyone.

He gave me two weeks to make a decision and get back to him, unfortunately, the two weeks just happen to be the same time salaries are to be paid.

I don't know what to do. I can't lose this job and I can't allow my brother to rot in jail too.

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