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A life of comfort ; Three prices we must pay

I believe the worst feeling in this world is knowing at the end of the day that we are the ones responsible for our failures in life.

Of course, everybody wants to succeed but there is a price we must pay for the glory. Ask anyone who is successful today, they all surely have stories to tell.

These days, we live in a generation of pleasure. We all want to succeed but don't want to go through the process that precedes the glory.

On the other hand, we have people who pretend to have succeeded. They live fake lives and put themselves under so much of unnecessary pressure just to impress people.

But what is the price for success?

There are three major prices we must all pay for success in all areas of life. They include:

1_The Spiritual cost

Most people don't want to hear about this aspect but the truth is, when God backs you up, you must succeed. It doesn't matter the odd. Make up your mind today to put him first and see your life of struggling come to an end.

2_The Intellectual Cost

Am sure most of us have heard of the popular saying "knowledge is power", but yet, a lot of us are just mentally too lazy.

Sustainable success can only be guaranteed by quality access to information. Ignorance is very costly. Buy books, invest in yourself. Great men are men who have settled down to gather knowledge and use them.

3_The physical Cost

A life of comfort demands investment of diligence, your time, energy at resources. A lot of us loves sleep just too much while some have still not succeeded because of the fear of embarrassment.

Forget what others might say when you fail, the people who you think are looking at you, have enough of their own problems to solve and won't be there to pay the price of failing with you at the end of the day.

In conclusion: True success has always been about finding a problem and solving it. Stop trying to prove to anyone your worth,get out of your comfort zone and make things happen. With God, you are stronger than you think.

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