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Nigeria To Lose More Doctors To UK With New visa Policy - Good Or Bad News?

More Nigerian medical practitioners may leave the country because the uk yesterday announced a replacement ‘Health and Care Visa’ policy to draw in the simplest talents in Nigeria and other parts of the planet , reports. Over the years, the united kingdom has become one among the foremost wanted destinations for Nigerian medical practitioners. 

The new visa policy seeks to form it cheaper, easier, and faster for medical practitioners to visit the united kingdom . This new visa policy is predicted to commence in August. the truth however is that Nigeria is currently experiencing a scarcity of medical professionals to cater to our health needs.

From findings, there are over 4000 Nigerian doctors within the UK spread across 83 sub-specialties. Just last week, Scooper reported how 58 Nigerian doctors were intercepted by the Nigerian customs from travelling to the united kingdom due to many of them not having visas. 

What this new visa policy aims to realize is to form it possible for Doctors and their families willing to relocate to the united kingdom easy for them even in spite of the restrictions placed by the Coronavirus pandemic on international travel. 

For Nigerian doctors, this new visa policy is sweet news but to Nigerians, it's nothing but bad news. it is a shame that doctors are occupation droves out of Nigeria per annum . The more they leave, the less doctors we've in Nigeria. 

In all fairness, that Nigerian doctors are leaving is not any fault of their own. they're doing so due to the systemic hurdles they face in Nigeria from poor working conditions to poor welfare packages and sometimes unpaid salaries. If this stuff are in situ , the speed at which our doctors "japa" will certainly reduce. we'd like to try to to something fast about this trend.

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