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Here Is The Reason The Richest Family In The World Get Married Within The Family

This family I’m talking about is known as the Rothschild family, they are the richest family in the world. They worship Satan and also get married within the family. What many people don’t know is that there is a very specific reason they get married within the family but if you ask me, what solid reason could make a family start getting married to themselves? It absolutely undone.

They risk the chances of offsprings being affected by recessive or deleterious genetic traits as a result of both parents having same gene pool. But still, there is a very significant reason they do this. First of all let’s get to know this family a little before talking about the reason behind their getting married within the family.

Rothschild Family

This is a wealthy Jewish family which has been around for 200 years. The family became prominent though their Dynasty founder Mayer Amschel Rothschild, he was a personal banker of the German royals and state nobles. In 1790 he started his banking business which turned into a great fortune after many generations starting from his five sons. Salomon-Mayer von Rothchild, James-Mayer de Rothschild, Nathan-Mayer Rothschild, Carl-Mayer von Rothschild and Amschel Mayer Rothschild.

They established banks across Europe which amassed into great fortune. They control the World’s Central Banks meanwhile keeping a low profile thus many people may not have heard of them. In the 19th century the family possesses the largest private fortune in the world and I can even say the largest in the modern world history.

Though when you are asked about the World’s Richest today, Bill Gates and the likes may come to your mind but the fact is that this family has been distributed across many generations and heirs leaving each member with less money. Still when their wealth is calculated collectively it is said to worth a conservative estimate of US$350 billion. Some people even said they are worth trillions because of their numerous assets and the sheer scale of their operations. Thus finding a precise estimate of the family’s worth is impossible.

Reason why the Rothschild get married within the Family

The main reason the Rothschild get marriage within the family is because they want the wealth to stay in their bloodline and also to enable the continuous preservation of pure gene from the family instead of getting diluted with another gene. They weren’t going to let their wealth fall into the wrong hands thus Mayer Amchel Rothschild made sure the marriages to cousins among his descendants were inevitable by barring the female descendants from any direct inheritance.

So that the females have no other choice than getting married in the family. Four of the Dynasty founder Mayer Rothschild’s granddaughters married his grandsons and one married her uncle. This ungodly act was accepted in France and Italy in 1804. 

The family still continues this ungodly act till date and I don't think they would stop anytime soon. Now that you know the reason they get married within the family, what's your say on this, is it right or totally wrong?

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