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Top 3 Most Important Things To Avoid As A Hustler

As a young man or young woman, you come to realize that life is not what you imagined and taught as a child. Being able to provide for yourself in your twenties can be very challenging and difficult, especially for those that were not born with silver spoon

Some of us do hustle and make a lot of money in return but in the space of one week, everything is gone; back to were you started. Sometimes not everything happening to you is caused by your village people or enemies, but wrong decisions made when we get money.

As an hustler, avoid doing these things when you get money:

(1)√ Stop Chasing Ladies:

Honestly, most young men hustle to get and impress the ladies. I have a friend that tells me; when ever he gets money, the first thing he does is to get a girl for a day so he can free his waist. He doesn't mind giving her 20k for her services. When ever I tell him he is waisting his money, his reply would be( if no be to free your waist then wetin you they hustle for). Please get only one girl and leave the rest.

(2)√ Stop following tending things:

This is for both male and female, flashy and trendy things needs money to acquire. As an hustler, stop buying or trying to get the latest shoe, bag, watch, cap and dresses because all these goods do consume a lot of money for you to stay current with the trend. Am not saying you shouldn't dress to look good.

(3)√ Stop throwing unnecessary parties:

Stop throwing unnecessary parties for no reason at all any time you make money. This takes away a big portion of the money you made. For instance, you got 200 thousand , 50 thousand was spent on party.

Please learn to save and invest more.

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Stop Chasing Ladies


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