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6 businesses you can start in Nigeria that will give you N200,000 monthly


Sales and distribution companies are highly regarded as a successful business industry in Nigeria.

The sales and distribution business is more like buying and selling products and services. However, the difference between ordinary buying and selling and distribution is in the amount you buy and the amount you sell to people.

The business is usually capital intensive. If you don’t have enough capital to become a distributor; negotiate with manufacturers. And start marketing your products. From here, you'll find your way to becoming a reseller of your product.

Here are some business ideas for sales and distribution in Nigeria:

1. Bags Water packaging and distribution

Sachet water distribution and packaging companies are profitable and one of the most successful companies in Nigeria.

To start this business, you need sterilization and packaging machines, water storage tanks, bus or truck distribution, and more. Therefore, this business requires a lot of capital.

If you have little capital and are passionate about this business, you can form a partnership. Partnership with people who share your interests. Those with a passion for the packaging and water distribution business of Sackets.

In the meantime, you can start small-scale bag packaging and distribution and then grow it into a bag and bottled water packaging and distribution industry.

2. Import activities

The import industry involves the purchase of goods from other countries and the profit in Nigeria. Exchange rates affect the import business.

Electronics are widely used in Nigeria. You can see where you can buy and start electronics in China.

You can start a small-scale import business (mini-import) and then become a large importer of different products. You can start important some gadgets and electronic devices.

3. Cosmetics

Cosmetic companies sell fast because all women and young people want to look good. This is a company you can consider starting if you have capital.

The start-up of capital may vary depending on the point of access to the business. But with N400,000 - N1000,000; you can start a cosmetic sector on a medium scale.

You can start on a small scale and then become a big cosmetics industry. The cosmetics industry produces and distributes cosmetics.

4. Okrika Bale Business

Companies from all over Ukraine are thriving very well in Nigeria due to a weak economy. An average income earner in Nigeria barely enters the store on behalf of buying first class clothing. Therefore, the Ukrainian bullet business is a good business to start anywhere in Nigeria, but especially in urban and rural areas. Lagos, Aba, Kano and Onitsha have a good market to buy clothes bales.

The working capital for this company may vary. It’s up to you, but you can start with a small capital of one hundred thousand naira (N100,000) to two hundred thousand naira (N200,000). You can start Okrika bullet business and then become a best selling business in Nigeria.


The transportation business is one of the most successful sectors in Nigeria. Here are some transportation ideas to Nigeria.

5. Taxi transportation company

Taxi companies are fast moving companies in Nigeria. The large population of Nigeria has done just that. You can get up to N20,000 a day as a taxi carrier if you are in big cities like Lagos, Port-Harcourt, Kano, Abuja and many other cities.

You don’t have to have a taxi stop; you can make a rental purchase if you have little capital. You can sign a deal or drive for someone out on the street when you go to buy your own taxi.

You can start with a small-scale taxi transport (1 or 2 taxi papers) and then turn the business into a large transport company.

6. Tricicle Company or Keke Napep

There is a sudden rise in Keke Napep, the tricycle company in Nigeria, following a ban on the use of motorbike-rich cities in Nigeria. People who make money with a tricycle company are the ones who hand out a tricycle with the rental purchase.

You can buy rental if you don’t have money to buy your tricycle. Just as it is done with taxi transportation, you can start with small tricycles on a small scale and turn it into a large transportation company.

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