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How To Make Money From Packaging And Selling The Following Things

There are so many things around you that can be profitable when packaged and distribute in other to make profit. Today, I will be looking at the below mentioned things for your consideration.

Dried Onions/Onions Powder

Drying of onions has to do with dehydration of onions. This in my opinion is one of the best way to preserve food for future use. The process entails removing moisture out of the onions by drying. Dried onions can be produced in shredded form or in grinded form. Dried onions is important because, it saves you from worrying about how to preserve your onions. Dried onions can last for a very long period of time without any damage. Also, it contains yeast and enzymes used for stomach as stimulants for hormones and glands. This product will fetch you so much money when it is done in the following ways:


This has to do with buying onions in large quantities during the season of new onions. During this season, onions easily gets rotten but can be prepared by peeling, shredding and drying them in any available sun or air dried. After drying for a long period of time, gather them in bags for storage. Do not sell immediately until, when onions becomes expensive. Then, you can package your dried shredded onions in small nylons or small plastic plates according to their prices and start distributing to food spices vendors.


This entail grinding the shredded onions to form powder. After grinding package it in a transparent small plastic plates or in transparent nylon and start distributing them to food spices vendors.


This has to do with mixing the grinded form of onions with grinded ginger to form a stew/ jellof rice spice. Dry ginger is another food spices that can go with this dry onions because it also lasts long too and it is a very good combination for grinded onions. After mixing the grinded onions and ginger, package and supply them as stew/jellof rice onion. You can label your product for better advertisement. The money you will make from this venture will surely wow you.

Dry Bitter Leafs

Can anything good come out from something bitter? The answer is yes. There are so much bitter leaves in some areas in this rainy season, and they are very much cheap right now. Make it as an investment to buy and neatly wash them till the entire bitter tastes goes off. Dry them, by spreading under the sun. When they are ready, package them in sack bag(s) and keep. Do not sell it now. During dry season, package them in a sachet like nylons and distribute them to vegetable vendors and raw food stuff vendors. They will gladly patronize you. Provided they will make their own profit from your supply. This dry bitter leave is very good for egusi soup, cocoyam soup and even draw soup. All you need to market it is to, tell your customers that it can stay till whenever they want to make use of it.

Grinded Egusi

This is a business you can do alone in the market. You will just be known for selling grinded egusi in basin covered with leather. The egusi will be measured in cups, small pain rubber or in mudus. I tell you, you will make it. People who comes to buy food stuffs most times, hardly have enough patient to grind their egusi. Selling already grinded egusi will spill cash for you.

Shredded Cassava/Abacha

This is made from cassava tuber which is shredded with grater, cooked and washed to remove starch and thereafter, dry in the sun. This cassava is used by African salad vendors and some people also buys it for their respective events such as Sunday meetings. That is what they use to prepare African salad for their guest. The cassava is somehow expensive in the market and so very profitable.

There are many of them. Follow me for more on business.

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Thank you.

Favour Victor

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Dried Onions


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