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Important Message For Those That Have Bank Account.

So many people account has been hacked, also they have successfully withdraw some people money.

Whenever you have been to bank you will see many people with different types of complain like debits error, fake transfer and stollen of money from their account without receiving debits alert.

Please whenever you are going to do transaction using ATM(authurmatic taller machine) press cancel button twice before you insert your atm card into the atm machine .

Because some people will set up a pad in order to steal people pin code, and when they have successfully by stealing your pin code then the next thing is how to get your atm card.

The next thing we have to take note is that, we should not expose our atm card to people. Because if they copy the 19 digits at the back of your atm card, that means they can withdraw all your money from your account so please take note of all these things they are very vital.

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