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History: Why This Colourful Bag Is Called "Ghana Must Go"

Greetings to you. Welcome to another great article of mine. Today I shall be writing on why this colorful bag below, is called Ghana must go.

It is worth of note that we have many travelling bags in the market today. Most of the traveling bags are not as popular as the Ghana must go bag.

The Ghana must go bag is a popular trwvellibg bag used in Nigeria when traveling. Apart from traveling, most people use it to store things in their various houses.

The bag comes in various sizes, both big and small. It is can contain many things and mwkes it easy for a traveler to easily travel with one bag, instead of carrying many bags.

Here is why this colourful bwg is called Ghana must go👇

It is worthy of note that in the 1970s, Ghana was facing a lot of economic hardship, on the other hand, Nigeria had an oil boom that same period.

NB: Nigeria’s economy was flourishing. Citizens of some West African countries (mostly Ghanaians) flocked into Nigeria in search of greener pastures.

However, In the early 1980s the oil boom saw economic downturn in Nigeria due to low oil prices, jobs were no longer readily available even for Nigerians.

At this point, the Federal Government decided that the Ghanaians and other African migrants had overstayed their welcome. Here, the Nigerian government enacted an expulsion order in 1983, about 700,000 Ghanaians were returned to their country.

### The Ghanaians during their traveling used this peculiar type of bag to move their belongings. Thee bags were popularly termed by Nigerians as ‘GHANA MUST GO’ bags.

This is how the name started.

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