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Marry Me Without Spending Your Money But You Must Abide With These Conditions (Satire)

The dream of every matured lady is to get married to a man that will truelly love her with all his heart and takes good care of her.

I’m not an exception but I haven’t gotten any man that will love me with these conditions that I want in my marriage.

I’m 28-year-old and I live alone in a comfortable apartment. I own a supermarket in the hub of the city. I established this business 2 years ago before the demise of my parent.

I started my supermarket business from a kiosk to a big shop in the center of the city. Although my parent are wealthy but because I love to be an independent woman that’s why I had to struggle on my own to attain this achievement. But one thing that is killing me softly and weighing me down is my inability to get a life partner due to the conditions have I decided that I want in my marriage.

My family lawyer made me realized that my parent has 5 companies and also estate properties in many region in the country. Being the only child of my parent, that means I’m the heir to all the properties and asserts.

I’m ready to give out all these asserts of my parent to the man that is willing to love, take good care of me and will marry me.

Therefore, any man that’s is ready to marry me, will get me for free but under the following conditions listed below;

1) He dares not to marry a second wife.

2) He must be working from home by getting in touch with the companies’ managing directors in order for him to take care of all the house chores.

3) I value my own supermarket business and won’t have the time for cooking, therefore, he will be my cook.

4) He must schedule our honeymoon occasionally since the expenses will be made from my parent’s revenue.

With these conditions stated above, who will marry me for free without spending his money, anybody please?

Note that those pictures used are for illustrative purposes.

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