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10 Profitable Businesses You Can Start With N40,000 That Will Give You N100,000 Monthly

After thorough research and analysis, these are the ten profitable businesses you can start in Nigeria with N50,000. It is sorted according to benefits / returns, as well as convenience, close tracking (i.e. flexibility) and risks. This is our list of the least, here is our list:

10) Seller of the recharge card:

Recharge card sales in Nigeria are frequent as there are customers available and potential everywhere.

You only need about N40,000 to start this business, all you have to do is get an umbrella, two plastic chairs and a table, a recharge card from the retailers and voila! you have a business for yourself !!! you can also complement this business by duplicating it as a call center, just buy a phone and recharge; you have a multiple company.

However, it has its drawbacks (actually many), first competing with many competitors, and then having a problem with location again; If you are in a very busy place, you have a high risk of high sales, if your business is in a less busy place, then you are working with lower risk sales. then you always have to be there again, otherwise you have to hire someone you really trust.

You also have to be patient. Our verdict is; Don't do this if you have extraordinary cash and, if you have to, use a welcoming environment (e.g. office, business environment, etc.), not just streets ...

9) Sales of bottled beverages / bottled water:

This business can also be started with N40,000. All you have to do is buy a fridge, packs of drinks (of different types) and hire someone who can sell you, but you will soon discover that it is not very profitable, and it also has a lot of inconvenience, as the location will be on the street most sometimes and also low yields, so we are in ninth place.

8) popcorn machine:

Purchasing a popcorn machine and producing popcorn is also a viable business idea in Ghana. The machine costs about N30,000, all you need wheat, butter and sugar, that’s all! you have a business for yourself !!! but that's not all, you have to have a lot of patience; the projected benefit can usually be promising, but your location can be risky and you will need to watch out very carefully (very inconvenient if you have other businesses).

7) CD sales:

How can we make it simple?

Hmmm (looking for the right word), you buy American movies and English movies at a low price each and sell it at an almost higher price, it's almost one hundred percent profit, with this kind of business always you can be sure to bring something home, but then you run a big risk again because you have to be in a busy place before you can make sales, you also have to oversee your business, otherwise you will work for your employees , you must also understand what customers are and their needs, otherwise you are on your way to the rocks ...

6) Fast food sales:

You can find a good location and set up a fast food connection; all you need is a kiosk, a stove and your kitchen utensils (oil, paraffin, spoon, etc.) and all that! You can cook noodles, fry eggs, make tea, etc.

You can give the security that you will always smile at home, in companies, the place is the name of the game, you have to find a good place that is domestic and you also have to know what the risk and practices are. of this . place you want to start your business and you’re to trace to profit, however, is profitable, must be closely monitored, and the presence of the owner is usually required.

5) Phone sales:

You can make money by selling phones, all you need to do is just buy cheap phones and buy a glass, find a good place, and all that!

This business is a very profitable business and does not require close control, as long as you can take into account the number of phones (you can place a reliable person there and do other business), the location is the name of the game. business. get a good location, get a reliable provider and you will make money.

4) Dry cleaning:

This is another untapped business project that you can take advantage of; you can do it from home (you only have access to water), you can rent guys who will iron the cloths for you, you just have to buy a washing machine and a 3 kva generator. Do you want to pay your workers the working capital and all that ???

Do you have comfort, minimal risk and what else?

profit maximization, this business is very viable and you should try it at some point; the only problem with this business is getting customers and operating costs can be frustrating.

3) Shawarma / barbeque:

This business is viable and you just have to know how to make shawarma and fry, you just have to buy a roasting machine and get the shawarma ingredients, hire an expert and find a profitable location (like a hotel), and all that ... no there is no close tracking (since your material has to be evaluated in a certain proportion to match a certain number), there is minimal risk and there is huge profit potential, if you have money running.

2) Catfish farming:

It is a profitable enough and stress free business, just understand the basics, with N40,000, get 2 big drums, buy fingerlings, buy food. The benefit is yours. You need access to water, but there is great comfort and minimal risk.

1) Poultry livestock:

You can start your poultry in the back of your house, yes, it’s easy; All you need is to only have 100 days of chicken and create a nice big and big cage (like a type of battery cage), then you can buy the fodder and voila! your company is done !!! the comfort is good, you have the minimum risk and the initial capital is good, you have it on the table, it is our number one ...

If you study the business carefully, you can place Gold with one of them in general.

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