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Have you ever counted your money before or behind the ATM after withdrawal?This is why people do so

A bank is a place where people keep their money and other valuable items for the purpose of ensuring its safety.

Almost all the people believe that the safety of their property lies in the custody of banks. So everyone decided to keep his/her money and other valuable items in the bank. When it's time to make use of the money or other valuable items being kept with the bank, an individual will visit his/her bank to withdraw what he/she requires.

In this process of withdrawing of fund from our bank account, we experienced some difficult and inconvenient moments. For example, when one get to the bank only to see that the ATM machine are not working, there is network failure. The worst of all is the statement of 'Temporarily unable to dispense cash' when it will never dispense cash' due to the fact that there is no money install in the machine.

Battling these inconveniences, customers have to be on queue in the ATM gallery before the problem would be resolved by the official in charge.

We often visited bank(s) to withdraw our money or perform any other transaction but we have never being accustomed to the term and policies governing the ATM gallery.

In these days of Covid-19, the bank as become an highly restricted place for a large number of people. This is a precautionary measure to contain the spread of Covid-19.

If one would like to make complaint or do any other thing that is practicable only in the bank, one must possess his/her face mask and wore it before one could be allowed into the bank.

Consequently, there are directives applicable to the ATM gallery in Nigeria as well because the ATM gallery is known to be frequently crowdy, especially when the network seems to be faulty. As this always delayed customers transaction resultingly in overcrowding in the ATM gallery. To ensure safety of the people at banks, schools, markets etc. In the state, there are directives from professional to Cain the spread of Covid-19.

In this article, I shall outline the things you should not do while you are at the ATM gallery. To avoid being embarrassed and condemn, avoid performing this act in the ATM gallery.

Things you should not do at the ATM gallery.

1. Do not flout the social distance directive.

2. Do not outsmart the people on queue by jumping from your position to theirs.

3. Do not disclosed your card's details to anyone you don't know.

4. Do not call anyone for aid but security officials are reliable.

5. Do not count your money before the ATM machine.

The above are the things you should not do at the ATM gallery to ensure your safety and to avoid being embarrassed.

Number five is legal but it is illogical. Why?

You are free to count your money after withdrawal but not before the ATM. This always led to fight at the ATM gallery as the other customers will be kept awaiting you while you are counting your money after withdrawal. In this case, the person involve may be condemned by the other customers awaiting their turn on the queue.

Why do people re-count their money before or away from the ATM after withdrawal?

I think some people do this because they believe the ATM may dispense less of the amount they enter or request for. The other fact is that some people believe that no one should be trusted as the machine might have been manipulated to do such dishonest act.

When I asked one of my friend that why do people counted their money after withdrawal before or away from the ATM gallery, he said they do so because no one should be trusted he said Ibrahim Magu is a perfect example that supported his saying.

I asked him, "why do people counted their money before or away from the ATM after withdrawal?" He replied, no one should be trusted these days, Ibrahim Magu betrayed public trust so a machine can be manipulated as well". I remained speechless as he cited the case of Ibrahim Magu, the EFCC chairman who was being probe for alleged fraud.

Have you ever counted your money after withdrawal before the ATM? Why did you counted it?

What do you think regarding this ridiculous habit of people counting their money before or away from the ATM to ensure correctness? Is there no one to be trusted again? Kindly drop your answer and view in the comment box below.

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