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Quit Your Job Now, Business is the Gateway

Business has always been the dream of so many individuals.

Some, due to the fact they were born into a family of business owners.

Some who grew up to love and understand Business

And some cases, tech guys who develop an app for fun just to find themselves doing business as a result of the App's success.

We get to hear a lot of people who give advice on social media, seminars, conferences and talk shows who tend to make the concept of business seem so simple and thus should be done by everyone.

Everyone can never be good in business. Because your brother makes millions from business doesn't mean you can achieve the same success.

Businesses are run by employees. Without employees businesses won't function.

If you are comfortable being an employee, be good at what you.

Financial success does not come from owning a business alone.

There are millions of employees who earn more than business owners.

Do not be discouraged from your job or feel less successful as an individual because you do not have your business.

Over 70% of new businesses fail after three months. Over 60% of Businesses that cross the three months period, still fail.

Do not quit your job because you feel doing business is more lucrative, think about it again.

Be good at your job, work hard and work smart and you can always achieve financial success!

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