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21 Lucrative Businesses You Can Start With Little Or No Capital That Will Give You N100,000 Monthly

Are you looking for investment opportunities in Nigeria? Want to know what are the best business opportunities in Nigeria that you can start with little or no capital? This article provides a list and brief description. Investing in Nigeria is the best decision anyone can make. There are companies that manufacture millionaires all over the world, which also operate in Nigeria. Nigerians are not lazy, but the problem facing the Nigerian citizen is the lack of capital to start their own business and they are also afraid. Yes "FEAR". It has a lot of meaning in Nigerian companies, for example: fear of losing money, fear of ruin or failure, fear of not earning it. Despite all these challenges, Nigerians are still eager to face the small business opportunities here in Nigeria.

Rewards always come out every day; it is now the choice for the person to seize the opportunity. Nigeria has a population of 200 million + people, it is very large; isn’t it great to do business in Nigeria? Absolutely YES, it will be a success if done right. Without wasting much time, let's get to the bottom of this article. Keep reading!

21 Profitable companies to start with little or no capital in Nigeria

There are successful companies in Nigeria: you can start with little or no capital:

(1) Popcorn companies

With this business you can make a lot of money. Popcorn is widely consumed by Nigerians, and many people prefer it as a snack. Popcorn is in high demand for events, parties, ceremonies, and more. This business is the cheapest company with little capital in Nigeria. Why not consider this company?

(2) Cultivation of snails

Snails are very popular in Nigeria and have a huge demand in the markets due to the delicious taste. You can start earning a good income by raising snails in Nigeria. It is a low risk business and one of the examples of small businesses in Nigeria.

(3) Laundry

This company is about washing and cleaning people’s car in exchange for money. Most car owners in Nigeria have trouble washing their own cars, especially most of these rich men (due to their limited time. This is what brings the profitability of car wash companies. receive proper training on the techniques needed to wash cars This business has no small-scale capital.

(4) Internet activities

Online business opportunities are seriously thriving in Nigeria. There are low-income online businesses that can be included: blogging, affiliate marketing, freelance, online consulting, and more.

(5) Telephone repair

Telephone repair companies are a lucrative business in Nigeria. Many phones are damaged on a daily basis and require the service of a telephone repairman. Before you start this business, you need a good location; your location will determine how many customers you get.

(6) Poultry farming

Poultry farming is a profitable business, although it is a risky business, but it is a good and proper management. You can start a poultry farm in the backyard that requires little capital. There is a huge benefit in this business.

(7) Making of Bead

The branch industries are currently growing in Nigeria. The demand for beads like bags, necklaces, bracelets and earrings is very high. This company needs as little capital as N10,000 to get started and is very profitable. The only requirements to start this business are: Creativity and Capital (CC).

(8) Fruit salad

The fruit salad involves the sale of various types of fruit such as cucumber, apples, pineapples, bananas, papaya, carrots, watermelon, grapes. Especially in urban areas, the demand for fruit salads is relatively high. Before you start this business, be sure to mix fruit to form a delicious fruit salad. Start by mixing small amounts for friends and family.

(9) Cake production

Cake production is a profitable business in Nigeria that requires small capital. Coca is the most cooked snack in Nigeria. The demand for cakes, especially during birthdays, weddings, events and anniversaries is very high. Cakes are very cheap to buy. The start-up cost of this business depends on how you want to start it. Do some research and get the necessary training before you start.

(10) Sale of mobile phones

Technology is increasing daily. 90% of Nigerians own a phone and 70% still want to buy new phones. Telephony sales companies are a lucrative business for serious minds. Understand the market and have a business plan for your business. The location of the phone shop is very important. Set up your phone business where users can easily attract you.

(11) Footwear business

Everyone needs shoes. The profitability of the shoes is very high. It is very easy to start this business in Nigeria. First you need to get the necessary training, then a good business location and choose the part you specialize in (whether children, women or men wear men’s clothing) and a marketing skill.

(12) Making of Soap

Soap is a product of daily use, and soap making is a very lucrative business here in Nigeria. You need training, capital and equipment for your soap production.

(13) Graphic design

Graphic design is a business of using images, movements or topography to create a design (visual concepts). Before starting this business, you need a management plan on how to run your graphic design business. You can run this business from home, don’t forget that marketing is very important to generate revenue for your business (so keep a marketing plan).

(14) Barbing Salon

Barbecue lounge is one of the best business opportunities in Nigeria that requires little capital. Hairdressers make money every day. Don’t forget this business as its profitability is very high.

(15) Dry cleaning

Laundry and dry cleaning services are a successful business in Nigeria that does not require any major capital. This business can be run from home. Learn more about the business model and get started.

(16) Hairdressing

If you are looking for small business companies that generate daily income, consider doing a hair salon. There are those who believe that this business is only for women, but in the end men are also involved in this project. You need experience, capital and a good location to start this business.

(17) Watermelon farming

Watermelon is one of the most cultivated crops in Nigeria and is widely consumed by Nigerians. Take the necessary steps to start this business.

(18) Bakery

The bakery is one of the most profitable businesses in Nigeria. Demand for baked goods, such as bread and cakes, is huge, and even more bakeries are needed to meet these requirements. This business requires proper training, planning and implementation of the right strategies. The bakery is not a difficult business, but it requires total dedication.

(19) Photography

The photography business is very easy to start. It requires training and is experienced, you need time to become a professional. The market is high! There are various occasions like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and so on. Everyone needs the services of a photographer. Start this business and enjoy the fun and revenue that comes with it.

(20) Cartoonist

This business is very profitable in Nigeria, but not many people have an idea about it. You can make money drawing and drawing (cartoons), this business requires creativity. Cartoon companies can turn you into your own boss, it’s very rewarding.

(21) Jewelery activity

This jewelry industry can be profitable !, almost everyone who walks down the street has jewelry (especially women). This business is very easy to start, run and manage. You can do this business part time or full time. Research the requirements for running this business.


Before you start a business, you need an idea, then the passion and the next step is the BUSINESS PLAN AND THE MARKETING PLAN. All these businesses mentioned here come from lucrative businesses in Nigeria with little investment. Start today and enjoy the benefits !!!

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