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Types of Money "Rituals " Performed By All The Rich People You See Today (SATIRE)

It's the goal of almost everyone alive today to be rich and successful in whatever they do , but there is something that differentiates the rich from the poor today

In this present day generation , there are lot of poor men as well as there are rich men. However what we don't know that many of these rich men we see today are hardcore "ritualists".

Believe it or not , they are" Ritualists" and please note I don't mean rituals as any diabolical or mystical act to acquire wealth and riches. This simply means that there are certain rituals i.e habits that these men perform that make them outstanding from other men. Below are some of the rituals these men perform :

1 . They Perform the rituals of commitment to their goals and aims in life , this makes them go and get whatever they desire .

2. They Perform the rituals of hardwork and smartwork that help them attain certain levels of whatever ladder they want to climb

3 They perform the rituals of sleepless nights so they can work hard on their purpose and vision

4 They perform the rituals of investing in knowledge and books so they can always expand their capability .

4 They perform the rituals of eating healthy food so their brains can function properly

5 They perform the ritual of branding their business in a big way to gather more audience

6 They perform the rituals of making friends with people of the same class with them .

7 . They Perform the rituals of listening to criticism and taking corrections for improvements

8 They perform the rituals of frugality so they can invest their money into places that will generate more wealth

9 They perform the rituals of sending their children to prestigious schools so they can join the elite of the Society and secure high paying jobs

10. They Perform the rituals of travelling around the world once in a while inorder to get exposure

11. They Perform the rituals of incorporating innovation and risks into their businesses , learn from their mistakes and grow further

12 . They Perform the rituals of managing their time very well and treating it as luxury

If you have a desire to be rich or wealth , you need to start performing these money " rituals" so you can level up .

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