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See The Analysis Of Ten Things Hushpuppi's 168 Billion Naira Loot Can Do For Nigerians

Here are the list of Ten Things Hushpuppi's 168 Billion Naira Loot Can Do For Nigerians.

Interpretation: It can't do all the ten but can do any of the below listed ten. Don't get the topic or title wrong.

1)Pay tution fees of five thousand four hundred (5,400) engineering students in Convenant University for thirty one years at the rate of #1,002,500 per head in their first year.

2)Pay Nigeria's president's salary for eleven (11) years at #14,058,820 (in Nigerian Naira).

3)Can fund Osun 2020 budget at one hundred and nineteen billion naira (119 Billion).

4)Build eight (8) cargo airports in Nigeria at the rate of #20 billion each (Twenty Billion Naira).

5)Send five thousand nine hundred and eighty eight (5,988) Nigerians to Harvard University for 28,051,513 Naira (Twenty eight million fifty one thousand five hundred and thirteen Naira).

6)Fund the reconstruction of Lagos-Ibadan expressway. This project budget is about 167 (one hundred and sixty seven) billion naira.

7)Construct five Lekki-Ikoyi bridges. It is a 1.36 Km cable-stayed bridge at 29 (Twenty Nine) billion naira each.

8)Build twenty one thousand (21,000) units of a three (3) bedroom bungalow, valued at eight (8) million naira per unit.

9)Build four stadiums (each of Akwa Ibom standard stadium). Akwa Ibom standard stadium cost thirty seven billion and one million (37.1 billion naira).

10)Buy fourteen thousand four hundred and seventy (14,470) units of hospital-grade ventilators, valued at eleven million and six hundred thousand naira (11.6 million naira) for each unit or per unit.

Source: Newsroom and Google

What a hell lot of cheap money.

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