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5 Habits That Can Stop You From Making Money In Your Twenties

This article is addressing issues that most people face in their twenties. Trying to find yourself, getting a life and just being good at being yourself. I think in a world where there exists some kind of standards we all should follow, finding purpose is very crucial.

Twenties is like the crux of our youth. If you don't get it right in your twenties,chances are, you may find it difficult later on in life.

When it comes to making money, there really isn't the right age for it. Afterall,some babies are worth millions. That is if they are born into families with a lot of fortune. So thinking you have to get to 40 or older before getting rich is a mistake you shouldn't make. You can make millions in your twenties,so what's stopping you?

• Procastination

We all want to explore and try new things all right,but don't ignore the important things. Don't set a time in future when you'll start making money. Some folks here think they have to finish school and get a job before making money,are you serious. What if you die, God forbid but,do you really have that much time? Do what you have to do now.

• Envying people

It's okay to admire that lady in your neighborhood with the most expensive wigs,or the guy that pulls up in a Lamborghini, OMG he's so young. Hold up,he ain't you. You don't know when he started planting seeds that is bearing those fruits you are seeing. Instead of envy,ask how they did it.

• Trying to look rich

So Travis Scott wears a million dollar gold neckpiece,it looks good,he looks rich. Mark Zuckerberg doesn't even look rich right? But we know he's rich. What I'm saying is,spend your twenties investing on things that can make you rich,and not trying to look like what you are not.

• Spending more than you earn

This one most of us are guilty of it including me. Ever sat down to calculate just how much you spend in a year,and how much you earn? Living above income never goes well. You are going to run into debts sooner or later. If your salary can't afford your apartment, it simply means you shouldn't be staying there. Don't spend more than you earn.

• Trying to get rich quick

Yes,a lot of us are on this table. It's sad but our generation doesn't want to work anymore. We all hate 9-5,but that doesn't mean you should cut corners. Truth is, you can't cut corners. If you want to become a great footballer, you have to train more than an average guy who just plays soccer for fun. If you want a career in acting, you should really learn role interpretation better than someone on tiktok. Same skill, different targets therefore, different amount of work.

I believe in God,so if you believe in God too, then add prayers to the list of things you must do. It doesn't mean when you pray you'll get rich,but God will give you the kind of wisdom you need to make the money you need.

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