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Government Should Pay Every Youth In Nigeria 50,000 Naira Before July 20th,(Opinion).

The effect of corona virus on the world is a very devastating thing. Since the outbreak of corona virus, many nation’s economy has broken down, and this has led to recession in many countries especially Nigeria. However, the reason I want to talk more about Nigeria is because Nigeria’s economy has been diminishing even before the outbreak of this corona virus, (opinion). 

Now since the outbreak of corona virus in Nigeria, many youths have become jobless due to closure of their businesses and unavailability of jobs in the country, (opinion).

In my own opinion, I think that the federal government of Nigeria should give every youth in Nigeria 50 thousand naira before July 20th, 2020 as a youth empowerment motive. My reason is that, giving every youth in Nigeria 50 thousand naira will help them to find something doing, because if not, with this high recession in Nigeria, social vices will increase since the youths are trying to make ends meet,(opinion).

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