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3 Important Benefits of Opera News Hub Credit Score To The Writers

Let me start this piece by showing a profound appreciation to Opera News Hub for the privilege given to the Nigerians (especially the Youths) by converting their times that are initially spent on frivolities into something meaningful, in fact many young Nigerians are becoming more responsible by using opera for the things that contribute positively into their lives.

To me personally, I spend more times on researches than on Facebook and WhatsApp gossips, while some we're addicted to adult rated websites but have either stopped or reduce the time spent on it. An idle hand is a devils workshop, so they say, thats correct, because when you are not engaged in any meaningful activities, your mind would be diverted into many nefarious activities.

Then, having given the writers opportunity to showcase their expertise or talents in writing, Opera also makes sure that they always come with policies that will guide the writers or creators in their works from time to time. Though many writers have been complaining of some policies by Opera which they find not favourable to them while they are working, like rejection rates, restriction to some news, demotion of account etc but the truth is that Opera is trying to act according to the laws guiding the journalism profession.

On July 14, 2020 Opera News Hub introduces 'Opera News Hub Credit Score', purposely to increase the transparency of penalties on rejections. They stopped the practice of payment reduction based on rejection rate, and instead, replaced it with a credit score system. At least the writer will know why his or her articles is been rejected and how to avoid them.

A credit score is a rating on a scale of 1-100 that demonstrates how well the writers follow the publishing guidelines issued by Opera News Hub.

How to Check Credit Score?

You can check your credit score in: Account - Credit Score

See the pictures below to know the penalties for violating the Publishing Rules.

How to gain the lost points after several violations…….picture red

NOTE: For more clarifications on the credit score, kindly read the original announcement.

Having known what it meant by credit score, it is also pertinent to know the benefits that the writers will derive from the policy.

The first benefit is that it makes the writers to be more proficient in writing. Many people, because of the financial gains of writing for Opera News Hub, they just post anything they feel like, thereby flooding the platform with superfluous contents. Therefore, the policy will enable the writer to be conscious of whatever to be posted because any violation carries deductions on the account, thereby promoting the act of professionalism among the writers.

In addition, to avoid point deductions, writers will embark on more meaningful researches or discoveries instead of copying someone's contents from other websites or another writers (plagiarism), imagine if you copy someone's content and you end up losing 10points or your account suspended, that's a huge loss.

Lastly, Opera News Hub Credit score will enable writers to spend more quality times on their works, proofreading the contents several times before posting. Because any spelling or grammatical errors detected in the headlines carry 5points penalty on the account, and gradually the account may be suspended.

In conclusion, I employ all the writers to strictly follow the necessary guidelines for us to enjoy the benefits or rewards for good work.

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Content created and supplied by: D_Kenny (via Opera News )

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