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The Theory of "No-Failure, No-Success" In Business Growth.

The Theory of "No-Failure, No-Success" states that: The more attempts you make to grow and prosper in business, the more you are likely to fail and the more you fail the more experienced you become in your business, the more successful you are (Urbane S. Igbongi).

Many people this days are afraid of investing their money I to business because they are afraid of failure, well when you set negativity as your business foundation, you will end up reaping negativity and when you set failure before you do anything would make you end up in failure. Every step to greatness in life comes with a prize and failure is no exemption as it is one of the facet of life. If you don't fail, how can you learn other ways or means to solve one thing. Albert Einstein said that "doing one the often and often is an insanity" so you will have to device techniques to solve the problem of one thing by finding several solution to it. Be informed that "for every success in life, there is a failure attempting to challenge it, and for every failure in life, there is a success hidden behind it (Urbane S. Igbongi)".

The moment you take a bold step to invest in any business, you have signed a no return deal with risk, business growth is a gift to you wrapped up with risk. So, it is your duty to unwrap the risk and have access to the business growth which in turn gives the joy of success.

I understand that going into business is not as easy as been pronounced by others especially at this time when ravaging pandemic has unfolded so many business. But when you do your calculations very properly, you will know that global recession is coming after this pandemic; therefore hightened the prices of manufacturing goods. So when you invest now, it's an advantage of reaping high profit later, but it is worth giving it a try. It is true that when you don't try something, you won't know you can do it.

Thomas Edison had to try 999 before becoming successful in his experiment. If he had given up, would he had succeeded? Your guess is as good as mine. "Failure is easily achieved if care is not taken, but success is not easily achieved if proper care is not taken, but CAN be achieved if effective efforts is put into it and when hard work is directly proportional to time(Urbane S. Igbongi)".

In conclusion,

Don't allow negativity and failure to determine the magnitude of your success, because if you do, the result will read negative (Urbane S. Igbongi).

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