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My Father's Death Was My Drive To Business Success - Asemota Agbonifo (Etek Notions)

Edo state top politician who is also an accomplished entrepreneur, Eghosa Asemota Agbonifo popularly known as Etek Notion has revealed to the world on what the source of his wealth his.

In a live radio program with MoniqueTheVibe on Rhythm FM Benin, the successful entrepreneur who is into countless number of businesses and has accumulated wealth beyond people's comprehension credited his successful journey into business to the death sad passing away of his father

"I started small buying used properties from graduating students from Igbinedion University and other universities so I started. I started small and now I'm a bit up there." 

"I remember when I started my boutique with my first trip to Asikameh in Togo, when I went there it wasn't encouraging enough as I was left disappointed when I opened the goods at home but my mum encouraged me that she will help to sell some of them which she took to her school where she was teaching and we were abke to make something out if it."

On what brought about the idea of venturing into business, Etek said it was all about his determination to create wealth as a child of a single parent due to the death of his father.

"What briyt about the idea for me, I lost my Dad in 1991 and I have been compelled to always create wealth and support my mum who is a teacher and a caterer selling food, so I have always had this desire to be independent even while growing up."

"I remember buying what we call "Oyinbo Rabbit" guinea pig and rearing, striving to be inependet because I see growing up with a single mother and was challenging and all that; so for me, I was compelled by that sad reality that I don not have a father and my mother needed assistance because I saw how she shuttle between schooling journeying from first circular with terrible road network." 

"I was humbled by my background, that was how I went into business. I started quite early, from school I started doing business like from 1999, 2000."

"The best way to market is to stay humble and penetrate and look at the areas of what they need and the quality of that you wan to pass across so when you can achieve that, people will always come to you and I remembered that only thing then selling for me was my receptive nature."

"People want to feel your pulse in business, they want to see how you relate and they need to see you looking good and they ask if I can get them something and others. Don't forget I'm into real estate too, I sell cash too and I'm into many other business like building materials, kitchen utensils and introducing so many business had to put everything together by studying and mastering it."

Etek however said that seeing someone been successful in a business should not be the yardstick for anyone to venture into it as it requires a lot of studies to drive any business to its success end.

"Before you go into any business, you must do a feasibility study, you don't have to go to school for that, just to understand the intrigues understanding your location target audience."

"I carry out my underground study whenever I'm abroad seeing moveable kitchens for a long period of year, so you can't just jump into it and say you want to go into anything."

He also mentioned how one can cope with employees stealing from the products which may not help business grow or yield desired profits.

"Hallmark said and I quote "how many can you lick from a bag of salt?" I believe that overtime you will have those challenges and when you have your CCTV and other people to check on others it can help reduce it. Other big companies still have their challenges, you hear complain of truck disappearing and others so no matter how you try to he hundred percent perfect it doesn't work that way." 

"What keeps us going us the fact that tomorrow will be better si we don't get discouraged by people stealing from us seeing that from us, we just see it as one of the challenges faced with in business."

Asked if there is a certain pattern that need to be followed to be successful as entrepreneur, Etek said the only thing to follow is building of s trusted relationship with customers.

"Passion is one it, but you just also master the relationship with customers because they are your biggest asset so you must master the skill that they are happy and be able to build trust as your customers become your referrals and you won't even do so much publicity. Don't judge anyone who comes to you by their look."

"Another thing that is working for me is putting humanity first and passionate on how you see humans, when you see humans as who to treasure, then you will give them good services."

Ayoola Adeleke wrote it

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