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Money is not the sweetest thing in this life check out these things that are sweeter than money

Many people think that money is the sweetest thing in this life, but I disagree with that. There are some thing you will do in this life that will be far sweeter than money, even ten times sweeter than money. Check them out:

1. When your parents leave the house for you and travel: Every child wants this opportunity, nothing sweets more than when your parents meets you to tell you they will be traveling somewhere living only you at home alone maybe for some weeks.

2. When you have the daddy that is always on the television watching news, but suddenly hands the remote over to you and tells you to watch anything you want to watch.

3. Using feather to tickle your ear: People that have done it before can relate. Nothing sweets more than that.

4. Unexpected credit alert: When you have no dime on you, suddenly you hear your your phone beep. When you check it, you then realize it is an alert. This one is the sweetest.

5. When you finally meet your favorite celebrity, especially if you had the chance to take a selfie with the celebrity.

6. When you come back from school very tired and you enter the kitchen, open pot and see a nicely cooked jollof rice and chicken. This is one of the sweetest things I know.

7. When your principal comes into your class to announce that your maths teacher is sick, that he will not be coming to school till he has fully recovered. Nothing is sweeter than this to students that hate maths.

8. When you finally hear the closing time bell while at school.

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