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Never Try To Use Your Money To Buy These Things

The heart of Eternity ($18 million)

The stone that was made into the heart of Eternity was found in the worlds largest supplies of blue diamonds, blue diamonds are incredibly rare, The average being found every year was, 777carat and it is worth $18milliont

The perfect pink

When it was sold for $25million in 2016 the perfect pink diamond was the most expensive jewel that has ever been sold in Asia

It weighs 14.23 carats

The oppenheimer blue

The oppenheimer blue diamond broke records at the time in 2016, being the most expensive jewel that has ever been sold at auction, as well as the largest fancy vivid blue diamond that has ever been offered for sale and it is worth $67.5 million

The kah Noor

This is another diamond that hasn't been available for public sales

It weighs 105.6 carates, And it is worth 17 billion dollars

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