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Latest News On FBS Broke Webinar On How To Start Trading Indices

FBS Broker, is one of the leading Broker in the world, where one can trade on defferent assets in forex market. It also deal on crypto currency etc.

The second part of our trading journey is dedicated to indices. Do you know what they show and what affects their performance? Is it possible to trade indices? Join the webinar and find out secret advantages of indices with FBS.

Webinar Plan:

(I) Trading Indices as CFDS;

(II) Factors that move Indices;

(III) Strategies for Trading Indices;

Financial market, stock, and commodities analyst with 3 years of experience. Since university, Ekaterina has been studying the nature of investments and factors for making investment decisions and has never hesitated to try out a new strategy while trading.Ekaterina sees candlestick patterns as the main instruments that help her to make the right trading decisions. Being a news geek, she always checks how the “big headlines” affected the market.Among her favorite investments, you can find the S&P 500, stocks of technology companies, and GBP/USD.

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CFDS Ekaterina FBS FBS Broker Webinar Plan


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