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Make Money as a Student Doing Any of These 5 Businesses

How to Make Money as a Tertiary Institutions Student Doing Any of These Businesses

TOP 5 business Ideas for Tertiary Institution Students

I guess you are a student for clicking on this article and I know you are interested in venturing into a business to support your education. Don’t worry when you watch this video till the end, you are going to pick one or two among the top 5 business ideas I have for you as a student.

I hope you know that as a student, there is no amount of pocket money you can be given from home that can sustain you when you are not from a wealthy family? That means it’s cool to hustle to enable you assist your parent, maintain yourself and be able to focus more on your studies.

Here are my Top 5 Business Ideas for Tertiary Institution Students in Nigeria and other African Countries:

Idea Number One:

Delivery Services

If you can find a means of transportation, by acquiring for instance a motorcycle or even a bicycle, you can brand yourself into this business.

All you have to do is to look for a store owner to partner with and offer such person delivery aspect of his or her sales to his or her customers in need of them.

Idea Number Two:

Laundry Services

There are some students, who find it hard to wash their cloths themselves or have enough time to do so regularly. So you could become a laundry service provider to take care of these your fellow students.

But you have to charge less as they are as well surviving on pocket money on campus. This business is very lucrative.

Idea number 3

Computer Center Services

As you know that, campus is a learning center where students write projects and usually have a need to typeset and print. So this business idea is highly demanding on campus. It’s simple to do; you can get yourself a laptop and a printer to get started.

Idea number 4


Photography is a lucrative business on campus; this is because most students love taking pictures, especially ladies, for their birthday parties for instance. Also, students take passport on campus. So if you can get yourself an affordable DSLR camera, watch some online photography tutorials, you are good to go.

Idea number 5

Social Media Influence Manager

Social Media Influence Manager is a user on social media who has established credibility. If you can gather a lot of followers on social media, you can become a Social Media Influence Manager to promote brands for company’s goods and services. This business idea can eventually turn you to a celebrity.

I hope you have learned something from this?

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Thanks for reading.

I love you all.


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